Monday, June 29, 2009

Good day

Today was another big day for Davis. I took her to the doctor for her six month checkup and shots. While we waited for the doctor she played with toys and was so adorable. She is still tall and skinny and very healthy. She got her last round of shots for awhile and reacted okay. She cried so hard for about a couple of minutes then calmed down. I had purposely scheduled her appointment during her morning nap time so she would be exhausted and take an extra long nap when we got home. That was the plan in my head and luckily that is exactly what happened. We got home and I gave her some Tylenol and laid her in her crib. She slept for 2 1/2 hours. WAHOOOO! Her morning nap is normally and hour to an hour and half so this is was great. After the long nap she woke in a great mood and ready to have a great day. So we went out and ran some errands and then hung by the pool. Davis loves the water she kicks her legs and splashes while laughing and smiling. It is so fun to be with her at the pool and watch her have so much fun. After the pool I wanted to keep her awake so we could do our regular bedtime so we went for a walk, ate dinner, and played in the exersaucer. So now she is sleeping like a champ and I am getting in my much needed quiet time with myself. I love the time I have with her, but I do love the time of night when I get to sit and relax with my blog and a good book. (deep sigh of comfort) Good day... We'll hope for another tomorrow.
This was the face I saw when she woke up from her nap. Does she look like she ready to have a good time or what? Also notice the band aid poor baby she had two shots in each leg.
She sleeps in her tummy. It is funny how she started out hating being on her tummy. She would scream bloody murder during every minute of tummy time when she was younger. Now she just can't get enough of tummy time. Just like a real woman can't make up her mind.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Growing up

This week marked a big week in Davis' life. She is half a year old... six months has flown by. She is so different but the same at the same time. She has grown and learned so many new things but when I look at her she is still the little girl I brought home from the hospital. With Justin gone so much I get to spend all the time with her and see all the little milestones that she is hitting. Here are just a few:
*Rolls over both ways (but stays mostly on her tummy)
*Smiles and laughs all day long
*Sits up nice and tall for LONG periods of time while playing with toys.
*She is awake more during the day. Only taking two naps a morning and afternoon.
*She makes noises and jabbers all day long. Especially when in her exersaucer.
*While on her tummy she can turn herself in circles and play with toys.
*Sits up in the bath tub and plays with the bubbles
*Can get her knees underneath her, she is close to crawling. (something that I can definitely wait for to do)
*Recognizes me and Justin and gets excited when we are around.
*She is eating real food, so far sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, and green beans.
*Drinks water out of a sippy cup
*Loves to watch other kids and tries to join in even though she immobile
*Did I mention that gibber jabbers all day I just love listening to all her new noises. I especially love it when she mimics me or Justin.
*She loves to stand on her feet and act like she is running after the kitty
*She loves being at the pool in the water. She will kick and flail her arms and splash. All this while laughing and screaming her high pitched loud scream.
*When you peak over her crib in the morning she kicks her legs and gives us the biggest smile (which then puts the biggest smile on my face I feel like it might split in half.)
*She is so bright eyed and anxious to experience all that life has to offer. I love being there with her and help her learn all these things. I can't wait to see what the next six months will hold for our little family. (because trust me these first six months were jam packed with changes)

One Week Old

Two Months old

Six months old. It was so much harder getting her to sit still long enough to get a picture. PS notice how gigantic her hands are, they are in the millionth percentile. And she will play the piano with those things.
Six month stats:
Head size: 16.2 in
Weight: 16.8 lbs. 70th percentile
Length: 27.2 95th+ percentile

She wanted to roll over and grab everything on the counter, which is a regular occurrence when she is sitting in her bumbo while I get ready. It is great bonding time for us, it is when we talk about what we are going to do for the day. I also fill her in on what is going on in the news. I hope this is a tradition we can keep up.

This was on one of our walks in the morning. It was so adorable to watch these two he talked and used his hands to emphasize and she just gazed up at him with adoring eyes. They kept holding hands and talking the whole time. I wish all of life was this innocent and pure.

She trying to fit all her fingers her mouth. Another talent of hers.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy father's day

I have some pretty amazing fathers in my life.

First the father of my beautiful daughter. Justin is the best dad I have ever seen. He loves playing, changing, bathing, and being with Davis. Since the day she got here he has never turned down an opportunity to help with her or spend time with her This has made life so great for me because I can leave and know that Justin has it all under control. I love watching him with her and seeing the bond they already have. I love him for many reasons but especially for the love he has for our child.

Justin and Davis opening his father's day present.

Justin wasn't the only one excited about the gift, as you can tell by Davis' face.

Justin has been wanting this workout dvd set for a while. It is apparently really great from what we have heard. He also got a big cereal bowl that Davis and I painted. Well I painted and put Davis' hand print on, but it turned out adorable. I also made him a dvd of all the pictures of him and Davis and family pictures. That way he can take it with him when we travels. We love him very much and are grateful that we have a great guy like him in our lives.

Second: My own father.

My father is my favorite guy in the whole world. We always have so much fun with him. Whether it is peppering in the back yard, walking around the neighborhood. As I have grown up and started my own family I now see better how much he sacrificed for our family over the years. He has been there for support and help whenever we have needed it. I love you dad very much, you have done a great job raising four wonderful children.(your second child being the best of course ) I know that the reason we have the values, work ethic and testimonies we do is because of how you and mom raised us. You are also the best grandpa ever. I love you Happy father's day!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Week two

So week two down! Justin was in West Virginia this week and got home on Friday. He normally gets home on Thursday but they didn't have a flight going out that late so he came home the next day. It is amazing how just one more day seemed like forever! So on Friday he got to the airport early and they were asking people to give up there seats on the flight to Arizona. Justin just wanted to ask how much later he would get in if he did that, and they were actually able to put him on a direct flight to Salt lake and $400!! So now we have our flights for the cruise in March. He got in only twenty minutes later than originally, so it turned out great. I picked up Justin from the airport and had arranged for our friends daughter to watch Davis while we went out to dinner. Neither of us have ever eaten at the Melting Pot so I thought that would be a fun place. We dropped Davis which was a little sad, Justin really missed her. Dinner was so great although we do love Davis it was nice to have dinner and not hold her or worry about her making a ruckus. The fondue was amazing all the meat and veggies and of course the chocolate covered strawberries. It was so fun to have a night with just Justin. After dinner we headed to pick up Davis where I think the exhaustion of the week got to both of us and we laughing at everything. Those laughing fits where you can't breath and you cry like a baby. I love when that happens especially with someone you love!
During the week though everything was uneventful. We went walking with the ladies as usual and hung out. On Thursday we did go out to lunch with Becky and Nicole and went looking at homes. No we aren't moving we looked at all the disgustingly ostentatious homes in Draper. Friday we enjoyed the weather at the pool with friends. Davis has been great and we have had fun spending so much time together, but it is better when Justin is home!

First babysitter ever, Nicole koehler. She is one of the people who Davis is actually happy with besides us. Despite our best efforts to make sure that didn't happen.
Melting Pot. It was so good and I love spending time alone with the hubby.

MMMM Fondue

Davis is sitting up all by herself on Sterling's blanket. Her and lexi are very out numbered to the boys. She holds her own though and loves being with the other kids.

Hunter getting to know Davis. They have matching beautiful big blue eyes. He just a year old and so cute. He was good about being gentle especially when taking her pacifier out of her mouth.

She is officially a side sleeping cuddler. It is so cute when she gives you the biggest smile first thing in the morning.

Apparently we played a little too hard this day she fell asleep while in her exersaucer . It was so cute I was in the kitchen and looked over to see her like this. And just about two seconds before she was yakking up a storm, that is why I was so shocked to see her like this.

So tired!

Monday, June 15, 2009

One Down...

So we made it through our first week of camps and started week two. The first week was actually pretty easy for both me and Davis. We woke up every morning and went walking with the gals and took morning naps together. It was fun to have my friend Meghan and her daughter Cali come over to bake some cupcakes and make cheesecake. The treats were awesome and it was so fun to watch the girls. Poor Davis wants to walk and move so badly. She watches other kids walk around and flail on the floor hoping that one it will produce movement. She getting better though she gets her knees under her but doesn't know what to do from there. So I think she will be crawling soon which I have mixed feeling about. I love watching her learn new things but I like being able to keep her in one spot and get things done. So anyway we also got Justin's father's day present together. I wanted to get it done way early so we didn't have to scramble at the end and not have things turn out how I wanted them to. Davis slept great and was an absolute angel the whole week. I know that heavenly father has blessed me with a great baby in hopes that I will still want more. It's also a tender mercy of the lord, knowing how hard this would be all by myself he blessed me with Davis and her beautiful patient spirit. I love life!!

By the time Thursday came around I was so excited to see Justin. It was great getting to hug him and have his warm body back in bed with me. It was so cute to see how excited he was to be the first person to peek over the crib in the morning. Friday we went to Cafe Rio for lunch and a birthday party for our friends daughter. Saturday I had to proctor a test so I left the house at 6:30am and her got daddy Davis time all morning. When I got home it was family time!!! We really just sat around the house ran errands did boring stuff... but we did it together and that was so nice. Saturday night went to dinner with some good friends of ours. We went out for sushi and then to a chorale concert in the Provo Tabernacle. Then to Coldstone where Justin got his usual mint ice-cream with cookie dough and gummy bears GUMMY BEARS! I know it is crazy but he loves it. It was so great to have him home and spend time as a family, unfortunately Sunday morning I drove him to the airport for his flight to Baltimore for the week. I didn't anticipate being apart being this hard. At least I have little lady to keep me occupied, and believe me she does!

Oh I almost forgot... but not really Davis has TWO TEETH!!! I knew they were close because you could feel them just under the gums. She wasn't fussy or irritable so I thought it would be a while before they came in. I was wrong Yesterday which was Sunday June 14, 2009 they popped through. She didn't have a single problem and I would have known I was a by myself with her for five days and she was not fussy ever. So sitting up, eating real food, two teeth, and almost crawling. Make it stop I'm not ready for her to leave the infant stage. I guess though it is another testimony that this whole parenting thing is not about me, it is about her gaining as much of the things that she needs as she can. (I just wish it could go slower :))
Her first play date. I need to teach her not to squeeze other kids heads. At least she can defend herself.
Second food:PEAS she was a little sketchy at first but she eats them like a champ now. Carrots are next!

She loves to sleep with something to cuddle. This is the teddy bear that Dad got her for her first Christmas.

This little was awesome for teething. I put an ice cube in it and she just sucked and sucked.

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home glad as I can be!!! She sits so calmly with him. And only with him they are two peas in a pod.

He is such a happy dad. We miss him tons when he is gone and look forward to every weekend we get him all to ourselves.

These are just some pics of her sitting in her reading chair all by herself. She was so happy and making some funny faces.

AAHHHH!!! She is testing out her pipes.

"Stop taking so many pictures of me!"

Just Plain cute is all I can say.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

I know this is a little late but for memorial weekend Justin Davis and I went to Richfield to visit my grandparents. We drove down on Friday, Davis did great and slept the whole way. Grandpa and grandma were so excited to see Davis and spend some time with her. They haven't spent much time with her since she was born. On Friday we spent the night just talking and laughing at the semi inappropriate things my grandpa says. It's great to me how we can just sit and talk for hours and never need to be entertained. My aunt Novella and Uncle Brett were there also, they were trying out our beach cruisers to see if they might want to buy some. On Sat. morning while all the guys were out looking at a model A my grandpa has been eyeing for awhile, novella and I talked about the cruise that we are going on in March. It was a great weekend with family. My favorite part was watching my grandpa with Davis. It always amazing me how cute babies can turn grown men to complete puddles of mush.

Don't you love the look on his face. Do you think he loves his grandkids or what?
She was so good with him.

The cute couple! I love them so much. My grandma is the toughest woman I know.

Nap with dad, the best past time.

I love the face she is making. She just hates the camera, can't you tell?


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I love taking pictures of her.

Well play time is over and now it is time to get back to work. Justin has left for his first camp of the summer. He is Idaho this week working by himself at a small high school. It has been me and Davis for the past couple days and I have never been more grateful for her. She is absolutely the best baby I could ask for. We started our week off with a great run up Provo trail. It rained 6 of the 7 mile run and Davis slept for 6 of the 7 miles. The stroller has a great rain cover that kept the little lady dry the whole way thank goodness.
***On a side note it feels so good to not be pregnant and be able to get back to doing what I love. That is working out and being in shape. When I was at the end of my pregnancy I remember thinking "how in the he*# am I going to get back to normal?" So now 5 months later and a lot of work I am back to the old me. I more ways than just the physical. (Although I must say she is worth all anguish that pregnancy brought. )

We have spent the rest of our time reading and singing and just hanging. I wish that we could hang at the pool but the weather has not permitted this to happen. All in all it has been a good week but we are both looking forward to Justin getting home Thursday.

Our good friends gave us this thing because their daughter doesn't use it. We put Davis in it and she loved it right away. I was able to get completely ready for church while she just jumped and played. And I think the smile on her face is a good indicator of her love for this new toy.

She still loves bath time the most though. She just jibber jabbers and yaks through he whole bath.

"Hello duck I am Davis and I am going to eat you!" mmmmm

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Real Food and Food for thought

Last week Davis was having some issues eating. She went from eating 24oz like a hippo to eating about 12oz. Of course I being the high strung anxiety ridden person that I am starting freaking out. I called everyone I knew and asked them if I should worry, they all asked the same thing "well how is she acting?" That was the funny thing she was amazingly happy. She was her giggly smiley and content self. After much calming from Justin (thank goodness for him) I decided until there was something to freak about I wouldn't. So I just fed her when she was hungry and stopped when she was full. During this time also we were praying that we would be able to figure out how to fix this.So we did doing this for a couple days when we went to my aunt and uncles to watch a movie. I told my aunt novella about the situation and she asked whether we has started solid foods or not. All we had done was rice cereal in her bottles but no real food. For some reason I thought that we needed to wait until she was six months. Novella said that might be her way of telling us that she ready for solids. I trust her so much she has five kids and is a great mother so the next day I went out and got sweet potato's. I love that they make baby food idiot proof by putting numbers on them labeling which ones should go first. So on Thursday I fed her her morning bottle with rice cereal. Her second bottle was just formula. Then instead of her afternoon bottle we set up the bumbo with her tray and a bib. Right from the first bite she was awesome. She loved it, and did great. I made most of the mess trying to figure out the best way to get it in her mouth. She smiled and made cute little noises the whole time. Justin even tried his hand at feeding her she just giggled at him. I couldn't believe how well she did she would open her mouth wide an just swallow. She didn't do the tug thrust thing, she kept almost all of it in her mouth. Of course there was a mess from me and her wanting to put her fingers in her mouth at the same time. It was almost like she was saying finally mom this is what I have been wanting. I am so glad she can't talk because I am sure she would make feel real stupid a lot for not catching on fast.

First bite of real food EVER!!!

Not quite sure what to think yet.


Dad's turn.

The aftermath. Not bad for her first time I think.

I can't even express how grateful I am to have so many great woman in my life to teach me how to be a better mom. I am continually amazed at how much of this mom thing is instinctual, but I am also glad I go to others who have been where I am to help with the stuff that isn't exactly natural. At first I was a little slow to ask for help because I figured since it was my baby I should know what was best. But then I think about other areas of my life and how much I help I need in them. I see how my heavenly father has given me a prophet, a Book of Mormon, and so many other things to help me along my way. So now that I am a mom I see that he has also blessed me again with so many people and things to help. I don't need have all the answers I just need to have faith that someone does and that the lord will lead me to those people. Writing this has made me think of the amazing lesson we had today in relief society. I have to say that in my ward I am blessed that it is really a relief to go be among so many supportive great woman. It is a testimony to me that the lord leads us, because I need these woman in my life right now during this exact time. Anyway we talked about visiting teaching and how it is through us that the lord can reach out to his daughters. My beautiful president didn't say daughters though she called us his little girls. It may seem like semantics but it reminded me that we really are just his little children. He knows our struggles and feels every once of pain and sorrow that we feel. I know though that in those times he will send people to comfort and hold you up. Our Job is to look at those around us like he would look at them. If we can do that then he can use us to bless his children. We also had a musical number that perfectly expressed our heavenly fathers love. We're not sent here to go through this life alone. I may be repeating myself but he will always send help, we just have to be willing to accept and recognize it.

Here are the words of the song. He'll Carry You BY: Hilary Weeks

He knows your heart He knows your pain He knows the strength it took just too simply breathe today He sees the tears that you cry He knows your soul is aching to know why He hears your prayers each humble word When you said you couldn’t face another day he understood He knows the path that you will find Though you felt alone he’s never left your side Chorus:He knew there’d be moments when no earthly words Could take away your sorrow And no human eyes could see what you’re going through When you’ve taken your last step and done all that you can do He will lift your heavy load and carry you He’ll bring you peace and leave you hope And in the darkest night he’ll comfort you Until you know the sun will rise and each new day You will have the strength to live again Chorus: And when there are moments when no earthly words can take away your sorrow And no human eyes could see what you’re going through When you’ve taken your last step and done all that you can do He will lift your heavy load and carry you He hears you when you’re crying in the night He hears you when your soul longs to find Till the morning will come And the light of the dawn reassures Chorus:That in the moments when no earthly words can take away your sorrow And no human eyes could see what you’re going through When you’ve taken your last step and done all that you can do He will lift your heavy load and carry you

Monday, June 1, 2009

Stewart Falls

Utah's mountains are gorgeous this time of year and there are hundreds of places to hike through them. We haven't done a lot of hiking before but it is a goal of ours this summer to do more. We started with a fairly easy one to Stewart Falls up by Sundance. It was a perfect day, lots of sunshine with a little cool breeze. We packed Davis in her carrier thing and started up the trail. It was only about a mile and a half to the falls with a slight incline some of the way. The falls were cool, I just wish we would have brought lunch with us. Davis hiked with dad on the way to the falls and me on the way back. I don't know what it is about being in nature that always makes me think about the Gospel and heavenly fathers plan. Being surrounded by so much beauty I felt so blessed.

Our little adventurer

She was squirming trying to look all around.

Oh and of course she fell asleep. She is perfect!