Friday, March 27, 2009

For the grandparents

Here are some pictures for the grandparents who don't get to see her very often. And by the way she is just the prettiest baby (to me). She has had flawless beautiful skin since the day she was born. She is definitely my favorite subject to shoot pictures of.

Spring Break

Last week was spring break for UVU so we got to have Justin home every day. We definitely made the most of having him home and having beautiful weather. It was in the 60's almost 70 everyday and man, did we need it. This has been a long Winter and we are ready for Spring. Anyway we started the week off by going on walks, one of which was up Provo canyon to the falls. It was beautiful!!! It felt so good to have the sun on my face and my toes hanging out of my Rainbows. We didn't want the sun in Davis' eyes so we put some sunglasses on her and I got a picture, it was the cutest thing. Also, Justin got a little excited and decided to do some offroading with the stroller. It was built for tough terrain but I don't know our baby was. The next day we took Davis up to the Hogel zoo. She is still way little but I figured it is never too early to get them used to going out and learning new things. We showed her and talked about the animals. She was awake for most of the time and I think she actually liked all the visual stimulation. We have made it a goal to talk to her like we would anyone else as much as possible. NO baby talk! She really got talkative at the elephants and Zebras. It was so cute. I doubt it was because of the animals but it was still cute. It was the funniest thing when we went by the gorillas and one was trying to drink out of a big Gatorade bottle. After a while of getting frustrated he finally got the cap off the bottle and went to town. It was so funny to watch. I am so grateful that I have such a great family. When we weren't going to the zoo or walking we were hanging at the playground that is right outside our door. I would take Davis out in her bouncy chair to nap while I read to her in the sun. Sunshine makes me so happy and I hope I pass my love for the outdoors onto her. No TV or video games, I want my kids to love God's beautiful earth and all his creations.

We had so much fun spending the week together and being outside. Justin is such a great dad and Davis loves having him around. Her face lights up like Christmas whenever she sees him. Being a dad and the provider for a family isn't easy, that is why I am so grateful that he works so hard at both. I wish we could have him home all the time because everything is better when Dad is around.
Daddy Davis swing time

As you can tell she is really afraid of the fake wooden snake. (Justin really liked this toy)

This was near the end of zoo trip and Davis is OUT! As you can see the weather was so nice even a light sweater was not necessary.

Gatorade drinking for aforementioned gorilla.

Daddy and Davis looking at the Meerkats in the small animal exhibit. We also saw the cutest little monkeys. They came right up to the glass and where Davis could actually see them.

More Daddy Davis at the penguins
ZEBRAS!! She loved them and they were so funny. That one kept picking up his food bowl and throwing it in the air. I think he was hungry and getting angry that his bowl was still empty.
Giraffe... that's all I have to say about that.

Elephants, they were playing really cool music and we stood for a while. Davis was so awake and alert.

Justin offroading with the stroller and our three month old baby. She is already an adrenaline junkie.

The walk up Provo canyon is my favorite .

Cute little coy smile. Everything this girls does is so girly.

Mommy and Davis at the falls

Daddy and Davis. She was holding up her fist so Justin did it too. (baby power)

Here are the shades. Man she is one cooooool baby. It is so great that she has Justin's personality and is laid back. That way I get to do stuff like this to her and she doesn't freak out.

Wearing dads hat to keep the sun off her face.

More swing time fun time. Again I am glad that she is laid back and lets us do this stuff with her. I just hope she stays super chill and doesn't get my high strung anxiety-ridden personality.
It was a great week that went too fast. With Summer just around the corner I will look forward to many more days like these. (so Summer hurry up and get here)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Children's laughter fills the air

Justin was gone this past weekend so Davis and I got a lot of time together. It started off a little rough, with Davis having a really bad night of sleep. This was extra hard because I am so used to her sleeping so great that it really messed up my schedule. On Friday though we went to watch UVU play in a spring tournament. Davis made a some new friends that loved holding her. (thank you Shawn!) I am so lucky that I have a baby that likes to go out and be around other people. Saturday we went to a beautiful bridal shower for my friend Maegan Hoyt. It was so fun to see some people that I haven't seen in a while and get to catch up. It was so fun watching her open the great gifts she got. ( let's be honest they were really for Chris though) They did something that I have never seen done at a shower before, Jess wrote down everything that Maegan said after she opened each of her gifts and then read them all together. It so funny, and it did get a little risque at times. Lacey did a great job planning and executing a beautiful shower. And Maegan looked happier than I have ever seen her and she is normally a really happy person. Her and Chris will have an awesome marriage!
This weekend was a big deal also because Sunday morning I got the first laugh. I was hold Davis in my arms bouncing her up and down while saying little lady, and she giggled. I kept doing it and she kept giggling. So I got Justin on the phone so he could hear it and giggled for him. She changes so much everyday and it is so exciting to see what will happen next. I have decided that when the budget allows we are getting a video camera.

Daddy's gone so Davis gets to hang out on his side of the bed. She just chilled like that all morning while we read a great novel.

Asleep in Shawn's arms. He was a baby hog, but it was so cute to watch.

So cute!!

It was St. Patricks Day today and We had a great time. A couple weeks ago I decided it was high time I get to know the women in my ward. I have never been very good at being the initiator, but part of my new years resolution was I was going to put myself out there and get to know people. We live in a great area and are in a wonderful ward. So I got together with my friend Robin and we planned a St. Patrick's Day picnic for those of us who are at home during the day. I was so excited to meet people and get in the sun. The weather was AWESOME and a bunch of people came. It was so fun to watch all the kids play at the playground with each other. I love living in a place that has so many young families because there are so many kids running around all the time. I got to know some new great girls from the ward. I was actually surprised to see how many people came. Women who were just out walking came by and joined in the celebration. It was especially nice to be outside in the sunshine enjoying great friends and food. I am hoping to do this for every holiday and get more and more people to come.

Green cupcakes, I tried to be very festive and make everything green. I also made cake pops and put the in a glass jar filled with colored green sugar. It turned out so cute!!

Those are the cake pops. It was my first try so they are not as pretty as they should be but I will keep tyring.

Here is the spread, everyone helped out by bringing something. We had tortilla wraps, fruit, pasta salad, yummy punch in the green bucket, and treats. Lots of treats.

Some of the beautiful girls from the ward.

More beautiful girls

Kids everywhere it was so fun to see. I don't want things to go faster but I can't wait for Davis to start walking and playing. She will have so many little playmates when she does.

Becky Madsen brought out her bubble contraption and truly had the kids captivated. At one point she had to chase down her daughter and the other kids followed behind her in a cute single file line awaiting more bubbles.

She definitely had their attention.
My friend Robin's little girl Abby, who bursts with personality. She is definitely a red head.
Robin' her new baby, and her friends from Oregon who came for a visit.

Davis took a little nap in the sun. Probably a little to long, she was a little red after.

Becky's little girl

I love that this little playground is right outside our front door. There will be many a day spent here in the future.
Fun on the swings

Lincoln and Max, Krista's little boys.

It was such a great day. I am grateful for all the people who came and made the party so great. I hope that in the future we can get even more people to come and enjoy each other.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I have been slacking on the blogging these past few days. So here is everything to get caught up on. I will go from the most recent, which is today. Recently, we have had great weather, so great, I have been going on walks and wearing Capri's again. Well today that all ended and Utah lived up to it's reputation. (for those who don't know they say if you don't like the weather in Utah wait five minutes and it will change) It was kind of cloudy all day and then at about 4pm it started dumping snow. In about an hour we got a few inches. I will miss the partly green but mostly brown grass. I have also decided that during the day I will not turn the T.V. on. I thought it would be hard but it is surprisingly easy. I get so much more done, and our house is way more peaceful. I read to Davis (currently we are in the middle of a novel by one of my favorite authors.) We listen to John Schmidt piano music ( I am determined to make Davis a concert pianist). I never thought that I would like being a stay at home mom and was a little worried in the beginning, but I really love it. Now I am just grateful that get the chance to be home all day with Davis. Being a mom is great! I think everyone should do it!

Justin In the snow. If he looks confused he is, what happened to the warm weather?
The other night we were out late so we started her bedtime routine a little later than we usually do. Apparently we don't need the routine to get her to sleep well. It was so cute- she would half open her eyes make this little whimper sound the go back to sleep. Sometimes she is so cute I could eat her (Get in my belly!)

This last weekend the girls that Justin has coached the last two years had a tournament. They were playing only ten minutes from our house so I decided to pack up Davis and head up there to watch them. I figure it can't hurt to get her used to being in a gym.(it will be her life) It was so great to see all the parents of the girls Justin used to coach. I spent most of the time with our great friends the Koehlers. Davis was great about being passed around and handled all day. I love that she is such a happy baby and just smiles when people get her face. A sister of one of the players was there with her son and it was cute to see him interact with Davis. He had this little stuffed duck that he would put up to her face like the duck was giving Davis a kiss. It was really cute (we were telling him to do it, but it was still cute.) The girls of course did very well and won their age group. Unfortunately Justin had to be in Viewmont filling in for one of our coaches who was out of town. It was great though to be out of the house and have so many adult conversations and feel like a member of the human race.

This is a picture of the Dads shagging for girls during warm ups. It is so cute they are so supportive of their daughters and take their job so seriously. As soon as warm ups start they all go running down and get in position so the girls don't have do extra running after the balls. Good thing they are all athletic.

Finally on Friday I was having one of those where I was in the zone. I cleaned the whole house bathrooms included, did all the laundry, made dinner, made a cake, and decorated it. I was really proud of myself so I took a picture of it. Justin works so hard to provide for us that my goal is to keep our house as peaceful and comfortable for us all. That way when we are all together all our attention can be on making memories.