Monday, September 1, 2008

Fun Fun Fun!!!!

This weekend was packed full of fun and good friends. On Friday Utah Valley had their first match against Utah @ Utah. It was fun to watch Justin back in his element of coaching, and it was a good game to watch (most of the time). They also had another game Saturday afternoon, they lost in five but they had a couple good games. After the game we went out to yogurt with some friends.

First Time out of the season!

Sexy Can I and Daniel

Justin Headed to the locker room after a good fight against Utah

Since this is Daniel's last weekend here in the USA we wanted to go out in style. Sunday morning we drove to go to music and the spoken word in the conference center. It was so amazing they sang Nearer My God to Thee and it gave me chills. I also cried when they sang "God Be With You "till We Meet Again." I get sad thinking that our summer with the Kiwi is coming to an end. We went to church in the Joseph Smith building. That night we had our friends Jess, Lacey, Dani, and Sexy Can I (Cache Allen) over for tacos, Tim Tam Slam, and Flight of the Concords. We are so blessed to have such good friends to spend our time with.

I know it is summer and I am so white, it sucks spending all summer in a gym

Jess, Lacey, and the Kiwi

Justin just needs a yellow tie and they would be the cutest couple ever!!

I love my new Camera

We are hard core! and notice the baby bump is out and proud, 25 weeks and counting.

Sexy Can I and Justin enjoy tacos.

This is my favorite of Daniel, he is making hot chocolate for the Tim Tam Slam!

Daniel instructing on the proper Tim Tam Slam technique.

Labor day was just a chill day. Justin had to get up early for 9am practice. So I got up made muffins and settled in for a chilly rainy day. The rain just started dumping and huge puddle started forming outside our doorstep. Daniel invited Jess over and we decided to relive our childhood. We played in the puddles, Daniel did a belly flop into the water it was awesome. Since I can't exactly dive on my stomach I stood there and Daniel dove through my legs it was so fun. I just wish Justin could have been there. Enjoy the video.

Me and Daniel (thumbs up we LOVE puddles)

Jess and Daniel oh ya it was cold!