Monday, February 25, 2008

It has been a while

This blog is very over due. Life has been a little crazy with moving work and coaching. So I will start with the most exciting thing that has happened, MOVING!!!! We are finally moved in and settling into life. This process was crazy though We moved out our house and into our friends house, which was only supposed to be about a week. Two weeks later we were still there and ready to give up on the whole thing. For those who have purchased a home you know that every time the phones rings your heart stops. It is either your realtor calling with more problems with selling or your broker wanting more paperwork or more signatures. After two weeks of this we were finally ready and were going to close on Wednesday the 13th at 3:45. So they call us at 2:00 and ask if Justin's dad (who is cosigning with us on our loan.) lives in Utah. No, that is why he has an Arizona address and phone number DUH!!! They proceed to tell us that they have to have him sign so they will FedEx him the paperwork he will sign them and send them back Monday they are closed Tuesday we will sign and Wednesday the 20th we would close. I was on the verge of an a anxiety attack and this sent me over the edge. The wonderful friends that we were staying with had their family coming into town so if we did not close on the 16 we would be homeless literally. Oh ya and Justin was leaving that weekend to do a volleyball camp in Miami Florida. We are calling everyone we can to figure out how to get this thing done, after much stress, and tears, we decided that the best way to do this is fly Justin's dad up on Thursday morning sign papers in the afternoon and then fly him home that night. We are so lucky to have such great parents that love us and are willing to help us. So we get him here, sign papers, show him the house and put him back on a plane home all in 6.5 hours. Oh and did I mention that this was valentines day, ya not the most romantic valentines day ever. So we closed Thursday, spent our last night at our friends house, woke up at 4:30 took Justin to the airport then went to work. That was the longest day of my life luckily there is never a dull moment in my class. After work I was able to go get the keys and go into our new home for the first time. It was bitter sweet because here I was in our beautiful home looking at all our hard work coming to Frisian and Justin was on the other side of the country. My original plan was to not unpack anything Friday night I was going to go to bed and rest and start fresh on the morning. That didn't exactly happen I couldn't help myself and got at least 70% of our stuff unpacked. Saturday I finished ever thing else. It was so surreal waking up in this place. This is the longest post ever! I am sorry. Here are some pictures of our new place.

Here is our Kitchen! Granite counter tops

So that is the short version of the worst two months of my life. But it was all worth it to now be in and living in this beautiful home.

Monday, February 4, 2008


This year for the superbowl we went to my uncles houes since as previously posted we are living with some friends until our house is finished. My uncle brett recently finished his basement and now refers to it as the man cave. He had it hooked up to the dish and HD. It was myself, justin, my brother micheal and his roomate. So we watched one of the best superbowls we have seen in many years on a wall sized HD theater screen. Needless to say it was AWESOME! Everyone except my uncles brett was rooting for the giants. So when the amazing helmet catch happened the entire man cave was exploding with testoterone driven yelling and high fives. I have to say it was one of the best superbowls I have ever seen. During the halftime show we went to the game part of the man cave and played pool and foosball. We ate enchaladas and the best cookies ever.( thank you becky kohler)

Another highlight to the weekend was furniture shopping. We went with our good friends the kohlers who are the most amazing people. They took us up to Ashley furniture, the selection was incredible and the prices where hard to believe. We picked out the perfect brown microfiber sofa and loveseat. We also got a big chair and ottoman, coffee table, and end tables all for the price of one sectional at another store. We are getting so excited for the move. Everytime we go to the house to see it we just can't believe that it is going to be ours. Now that we have funiture and everything I am even more anxious.

We wanted to do something nice for our great friends that are letting us live with them, so justin broke out his cooking skills. He is my domestic divo. He made his famous chicken and stuffing dinner mmmmmm!! He has raised the bar for cooking in our home. He has so many talents.
(I don't think I have picture where justin is not smiling like this. He's so cute)

Friday, February 1, 2008

I never want to move again!

We have fianlly closed on selling our house, but we are now homeless living with some kind friends until our house is done. We are very excited it is a beautiful home that no one else has lived in (ya) There will be updates coming when my stress and blood pressure go down.

#7 Torturing a kitty