Sunday, December 28, 2008

We gave Davis a bath today, she was not a fan. The one up side was she got herself so tired that she has been sleeping for three hours. She is still eating and sleeping great. She is getting cuter everyday.

Davis and Grandma Hermansen
Before her bath, thank you Aunt Erica for the cute pj's, she looked adorable. She was not this calm during her bath.

Momma and Davis, She is my favorite thing in the world. (this is what screaming during her bath did to her)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Davis

Wow!! is all I have to say I love my little lady! Davis has been home with us now for a few days and I am absolutely in love with her. She is the best baby she cries only when she needs something and when you give it to her she is a content happy baby. She eats well and sleeps and great I get about three hours of sleep at a time. Oh and did I mention that is the most beautiful baby. She is just amazing!!!
I am so grateful for two great grandmas. Justin's mom has been here since Christmas day she is the best. She has been so helpful with everything. It is so nice to have an experienced mother around to answer any questions that I have. My mom has also been here helping out too. She has also been so great staying up with me as I get used to this little ladies schedule. I love her so much and wish she could be here all the time. I feel so blessed to have so many great examples in my life.

** and now what everyone is waiting for PICTURES!!!**

Her first volleyball match outside the womb.
She didn't like her carseat at first.

Christmas dinner... IHOP the only thing that was open christmas night. Where is the relief society when you really need them.

She has the longest fingers and toes... she will be our tall left handed setter (hopefully):)

The two loves of my life. Justin is amazing he has been so helpful. This little has him so whipped already.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Welcome Davis Emma Hutchins

She's Here!! I thought that I was going to be pregnant forever but on Dec 23 at about 2:30 in the morning I knew it was close to being over. That is when I started having contractions. We waited it out for about 2 hours until they were 3 min apart and went to the hospital. I waited that long because I was not about to get my hopes up just to be sent home, if I was going, they were going to keep me. I checked in got an IV an epidural all with about 40 min of arriving. They called my doctor he came and I was at a 3 still so he broke my water and then we waited. The nurse was getting me ready for a long process, telling me, first time moms usually take awhile so be patient. That was at about 7:30. The epidural was perfect Justin and I just chilled and fell asleep. About 9:30 they came to check me and woke us up, I was an 8 and fully effaced so they said they would give me a half hour to "relax and descend" which means that they were going to let her drop as much on her own as possible, (less work for me). They came back at 10:oo with all the gear and respiratory team I started pushing and she was out at 10:18. She was 7lb 15oz and 21 inches long. This is probably going to sound weird but it was not that hard. I had the perfect epidural of course and would do it no other way, but It was not that bad. I never thought that it would be that fast, and apparently my doctor didn't either.

The whole thing was so amazing and I just thank heavenly father that she is healthy and strong. It was such a relief when they gave her to me with ten LONG toes and fingers and beautiful blue eyes. I just hope now that Justin and I can love and take care of her the way Heavenly Father wants us to. Sometimes when she is sleeping she gets this grin on her face and I wonder if she is remember what the savior looks like, because just a tiny bit ago she was up there with him. This whole thing truly is a miracle and has strengthened my testimony so much already. I am grateful for the Gospel, and the knowledge that this perfect little lady is mine and Justin's for eternity, I know that blessings like these only come from and through our heavenly father and his perfect gosple.

*** more pics to come but I am getting some sleep now.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lots of baby stuff

Like I said in my other post we are two weeks away from my due date. I went to the doctor today and I am at a two which means that really this baby could come anytime. So I am going to walk even more so I can maybe speed up this process. I feel good though that we are ready for her to come, the room and everything is set. All we need now is Davis. We even have our mac daddy stroller, I am in love with it. Here are pictures of all the things that await our little lady.

Merry Christmas to me and Davis. This is the quinny buzz it is awesome. The seat is memory foam and it unfolds itself with a tap on the handle, while being pretty light at the same time. It maneuvers very well, I am so excited to take Davis for long walks in this thing. The seat also changes to be rear facing, and comes off when we what to attach the car seat when she is a newborn.

This is my attempt at being crafty. I just painted wood letters then hung them on a towel rack that we got a few months ago but never used. It turned out pretty cute and for those of you who have not noticed we are naming her Davis Emma. Davis is Justin's grandma's maiden name and Emma is my grandma's name.

This is the finished product!

Here is her changing table dresser and hutch. The wood is different than the crib but we got a great deal for it and it is in perfect condition. I already have her clothes folded in the drawers, diapers in the little drawer, and the wipes and wipe warmer ready. Like I said earlier I am ready I just want her to get here.

Here it is all together. The glider and ottoman, crib, and changing table. And as you can see Mowgli our cat has decided that his new favorite place to sleep is on the changing table pad. He is in for rude awakening.

*** A little side note one Sunday afternoon I thought Justin was upstairs in our room taking a nap when he actually had gone up to sit down in the rocker. Apparently it is comfortable because he fell asleep there with Mowgli in his arms like a baby. He says he was just practicing for the real thing. So Cute***

And here is our Christmas tree, I have the house all decorated and Christmas shopping done. If she does come early I don't want to be in the hospital stressing because I haven't done my shopping. (because I would do that)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Wow it has been way too long since a post (thank molly for getting my butt in gear!) Things have busy busy busy. I can't believe all that has happened in the last two months, needless to say we are now two weeks from little Davis being here and things are crazy.

I am going to do this starting with the least most recent to the most recent events... here we go...

Back in Sept. we said goodbye to our precious kiwi. Daniel finished his summer of coaching and hopped the pond back to London. We offered to let him stay and be our manny (manny Danny) as tempting as that offer was he went back to London. We miss him a ton and can't wait for him to come again this summer hopefully for a lot longer stay!

My little sister Danielle the beautiful girl in the middle moved up to Rexburg Idaho to finish college. She got her associates degree from a junior college in California where she also played volleyball, then transferred. I am so proud of her, she works so hard and and has the purest heart and greatest loyalty of anybody I know. She is amazing and I am so glad that she is just a short drive away. I was able to visit her on mothers weekend and see how she lives life in Idaho... We had a ton of fun just hanging out and staying up late talking.

Here we are after her volleyball game. It was so fun to see her play, she is such a stud. They killed the other team of course.

About a week after I got home from my visit to Rexburg I hopped a plane for the last time until this pregnancy is over and went to Arizona. The plan was to spend the time with my sister in law Sharisa who was also pregnant at time shopping and talking baby stuff. Plans kinda changed though when the day before I came out she had a c-section. That was okay with me though. She had him on Oct. 16 she named him Merrick Ryan, he is gorgeous. He did have a small tear in his lung so he was in the nursery for a couple days which kept us from being able to see him as much as we would have liked. I did get to hold him and spend time with him and Sharisa before I left. I also got to spend a lot of time with my sister in law Erica and nieces Ella and Ruby. Erica is the best mom I have ever seen and will be such a great resource for me and Justin as we start raising our Little lady. She and my mother in law also threw a baby shower for me and Sharisa who was in the hospital still with her baby so it was just me. It was so fun though and I love Justin's side of the family. They are the sweetest people and I can't wait for our little lady to meet them.

Here is Ella she has personality just bursting out of her. I loved every minute of playing tea party and watching kid shows with her. I hope that her and Davis will be very close.

Little ruby she is equally as cute but a little more low key than Ella, they are the perfect mix.

This is quite possibly My favorite picture of the weekend. We went to a buffet for lunch and this little girl took her eating very seriously. (anyone who knows Richard knows that she gets this trait from him. She was very sick of me taking pictures while she was trying to devoure that ice-cream cone)

Erica and I also took the girls to this great kids museum where they played for hours. It was the best place. The museum had a ton of interactive toys and things to climb on. It was so fun watching them play.

We didn't get many pictures from the actual baby shower, all of us got caught up talking and hanging out so I only have the before pictures of the food and cute decorations that Erica made.

Oh and did I mention that my wonderful husband surprised me by showing up to spend the last two days with me and his family. This was such a great surprise we are so busy all the time that we don't get many vacations or weekends free for that matter.
And here are some more pictures from the great week I had with the Hutchins family. I love them.

After my many weekends of parting it was back to regular life of working hard and getting little sleep. There is an upside to being so busy it has helped the end of this pregnancy go by really fast. Our excitement is growing exponentially everyday. A few weeks ago we finally got the room painted with the chair rail up. Our close friends came down with all the right tools and helping hands and we got the room done in one day. (Painted and all.) We also put the crib together and got it in the room. It turned out so cute, the colors looked better on the wall than I had expected.

Here are the guys working very hard as you can see. But seriously they did such a beautiful job!!

Justin got to use us tools and manly skills to put together little lady's crib. It is absolutely gorgeous and we are grateful to my parents for such a great gift to Davis. She will sleep in style.

I know that I have forgotten a lot of stuff but I hope that this was enough to give you an idea of what we have been up to in the last two months. There is a lot more to come as the days wind down to Davis being in our home.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Fun Fun Fun!!!!

This weekend was packed full of fun and good friends. On Friday Utah Valley had their first match against Utah @ Utah. It was fun to watch Justin back in his element of coaching, and it was a good game to watch (most of the time). They also had another game Saturday afternoon, they lost in five but they had a couple good games. After the game we went out to yogurt with some friends.

First Time out of the season!

Sexy Can I and Daniel

Justin Headed to the locker room after a good fight against Utah

Since this is Daniel's last weekend here in the USA we wanted to go out in style. Sunday morning we drove to go to music and the spoken word in the conference center. It was so amazing they sang Nearer My God to Thee and it gave me chills. I also cried when they sang "God Be With You "till We Meet Again." I get sad thinking that our summer with the Kiwi is coming to an end. We went to church in the Joseph Smith building. That night we had our friends Jess, Lacey, Dani, and Sexy Can I (Cache Allen) over for tacos, Tim Tam Slam, and Flight of the Concords. We are so blessed to have such good friends to spend our time with.

I know it is summer and I am so white, it sucks spending all summer in a gym

Jess, Lacey, and the Kiwi

Justin just needs a yellow tie and they would be the cutest couple ever!!

I love my new Camera

We are hard core! and notice the baby bump is out and proud, 25 weeks and counting.

Sexy Can I and Justin enjoy tacos.

This is my favorite of Daniel, he is making hot chocolate for the Tim Tam Slam!

Daniel instructing on the proper Tim Tam Slam technique.

Labor day was just a chill day. Justin had to get up early for 9am practice. So I got up made muffins and settled in for a chilly rainy day. The rain just started dumping and huge puddle started forming outside our doorstep. Daniel invited Jess over and we decided to relive our childhood. We played in the puddles, Daniel did a belly flop into the water it was awesome. Since I can't exactly dive on my stomach I stood there and Daniel dove through my legs it was so fun. I just wish Justin could have been there. Enjoy the video.

Me and Daniel (thumbs up we LOVE puddles)

Jess and Daniel oh ya it was cold!