Wednesday, July 22, 2009

About a week ago we had a lot of fun with family and friends. First of all Sharisa and Merrick came out to visit! It was so fun seeing the two babies together and even more fun catching up with Sharisa. Having Merrick here was a good glimpse into how not ready we are to have Davis crawling. He was getting into everything that was near the ground, so we had to rearrange. It was good preparation though for the future. We sat around and talked, we baked and, and talked more. On Friday we shopped while Justin and Daniel took the kids to the pool to hang out. It was so cute and they both loved the water. later we went and got new phones for me and Justin and then headed to our ward BBQ up American Fork Canyon. We drove up there and ate burgers and hot dogs and watched Merrick put everything uneatable in his mouth. He something in his mouth all weekend and it was never food. At the BBQ it was sticks and grass most of the time, and Davis followed with the sticks. At the BBQ I was in a skit with the relief society presidency that was so fun. We got a few laughs and had a good time.

Saturday we spent most of the day cooking and baking for Daniel's birthday party. We made cheesecake and mini burgers out cake and brownies. They turned out adorable. It was fun having everyone over to Celebrate Daniel turning the big 30!! Jess and Lacee helped with the planning and cooking of everything and it all turned out great. Jess and Sharisa actually grew up together so it was nice for them to get to catch up too. The rest of the weekend we just hung out and played with the kids.

The guys flew off to their camps on Sunday. So on Monday Sharisa and I went out to lunch and then went to find supplies so that Sharisa could make adorable baby shower invitations for a friend. We had had the kids in their car seats all day and they were over being out. So while we were trying to get the invitations done we were in full melt down mode. Crying screaming and Merrick pulling the rolls of stickers all over the place. We did survive and got them to bed when we got home. I loved having them here and I hope that they move here someday. Or at least closer.

Merrick is all boy and part tornado. He had fun in the mud that is for sure. And his feet were dirty for two days. And yes that is dirt in his mouth remember how I said he ate everything.

Jess Sharisa and Merrick at Daniel's Party

All the Excitement of the weekend really wiped out Davis.

Our burgers and fries

The birthday boy!!! We care about him so much and hope that he knows it. Happy Birthday Daniel!

Daddy Davis time. Again I love how she holds her hands.
Such a good picture of the birthday boy

Lacee and Jess and a glimpse into the future!!
Jess with the babies, Davis was happy I don't know what happened.

See told you... she was happy.

Daniel vaccumed for me and was so proud of his perfect lines. I will not object to him wanting to be ocd and vaccume lines in my carpet.

Poor Merrick had to play with Davis' girl toys. Sorry for all the pink buddy.

They got totally wiped out at the BBQ. They slept the whole way home and aren't they adorable together?

The skit was so fun and I got to put makeup all over someone else's face. It was great thanks beth

Do you think she is happy. And if you are wondering this is how she is most of the time.

Merrick sitting like a true gentleman. Daniel had fun with him this weekend

Just cute!!

MMMM Grass

Oh yes her eyes are this pretty. I feel like I am being really snobbing right now... oh well she is that cute.

They were just too cute together. Merrick was such a brute too. Which was okay he's just getting Davis ready for when she has a brother.

The guys the babies and the Iphones!!!

Yea two carseats!!

Daniel and Merrick bonding during nap time.

Oh and Davis woke up like this one morning. I have no idea how she did this but she did. Baby Houdini.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Return of Kiwi Part II

The fourth of July was super special this year, because it is the day the Kiwi returned home. Our good friend Daniel who has been living in London this past year came back here to do volleyball camps again. We have been anticipating his return for a long time and are so excited he is here. When he left last summer I was about 6 months pregnant and now Davis is 6 months old. Justin was playing in a volleyball tournament so me and Lacee spent the day at pool getting a tan. When Justin got home we loaded up Davis, Lacee, Jess and the signs and headed to pick up our Kiwi. The timing was perfect he landed just as we were parking the car, so we were able to be standing there with the signs as he walked to get his bags. It was so great to see him again and when he saw Davis for the first time he kissed her and she screamed!! It was kind of sad and funny at the same time. So we after he got his bags we packed everyone in the car and of course headed to CAFE RIO!! It had been almost a year since he had had any Mexican food. That going from eating cafe rio sometimes twice in a weekend. After dinner we dropped off his stuff and went to Provo to watch the stadium of fire fireworks from a park. Daniel and Justin took no time to pick up were the goofiness left off. The fire works were great but there was a weird intermission so we thought it was over and got back in the car when they started again, so we pulled over and watched the rest from someones lawn. It was a great 4th and we love our Daniel and are excited that he is here again.

Davis practicing crawling before Uncle Daniel gets home.
Fireworks over the stadium in Provo

Jess Me and Lacee.

Daniel and Justin with Davis. It was way past her bed time when the fireworks started.

Lacee and Davis in the pool. She did so great and loved being with Lacee.

Of course when she got tired she did this. It was so funny she floated around sound asleep.

Nap time. She literally just fell over and fell asleep just like this.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The sleeper hold

When was littler and I say that because she is still little. Anyway when she was littler there was one sure fire way to get Davis to sleep. It is called the sleeper hold. I know it sounds a little harsh but that is the best to describe what it did to her. I would wrap her up, lay her on her side facing my body then hold her tight. I loved having her pushed so close to my body and feeling her little physique start to calm and go to that comfortable calm state of sleep. The last two months though this sleeper hold has not been the sure fire answer like it used to be. She has become very active and squirmy so it is hard to get her to be still long enough to actually hold her that way. But tonight it was like I had my little baby back. We did our regular routine and I fed her in the rocking chair as the last part of the routine. Normally I just put her right in the crib so she can put herself to sleep, but tonight since she was already dosing I held on a little bit longer. I laid her on her side and held her tight to my body once again. She was calm, quiet and content and in my arms. I couldn't help but hold her longer as she slipped into her dreams. Watching her sleep while her hand gently rests on my neck was all I needed in the world. With all the craziness, disappointment, frustration, stress that life can hold it is moments like this with my daughter that keeps me going. I go to bed so I can have energy to give her all the things and attention she needs. And I also get out of bed in the morning so I can see her smiling face as I peak over her crib. She is the greatest thing I have ever done in my life.