Thursday, August 27, 2009

8 months old!

Our little girl is eight months old. It stills blows our mind how fast this has all gone. We are also blown away at how much she has discovered in her eight months. She is definitely a girl that does not want to be stopped for anything. Her personality just booms more everyday.
Here are the things that she is up to at 8 months.
*She is still sleeping and eating great. She sleeps every night for about 12 hours and takes two naps during the day. The naps aren't super long, but as long as she is sleeping at night I'm okay. She eats any fruit and vegetable out there. I have not given her any sugar yet and I am going to keep it that way for a long time hopefully.
*She is crawling faster and faster everyday. If I leave her for a second I can be sure to find her somewhere she shouldn't be, making a mess of something that she shouldn't. Although Mowgly is the one reaping the consequences of her fast crawling. She can pretty much catch him as long as he stays on the floor. She chases him behind doors, behind the couch, and up the stairs. When she does catch him,her grip is so strong that he usually ends up dragging her a little before she lets go. It is so fun, though, to see her follow me around and be a part of everything I do. I think that some of her frustrations have been relieved now that she can get where she wants to, without me having to help her.
*She goes from sitting to crawling from crawling to sitting. She can do everything independently.
*She is pulling herself onto anything she can get her hands on. She just loves to stand on her feet. This has also brought on a lot of decor changes to the house. For example, books are no longer on any bottom shelves. Electronics have also been moved one shelf up, out of reach (one down side to her being tall and having her dad's long arms: there are very few things she can't reach). The DVDs have also been moved up and out of reach. Coffee table is now gone from the living room(which I actually love. It makes the room so much bigger and more open). I have had to become more tolerant of my house being a little messy during the day. Before, I was following her around cleaning up everything and putting it all back to place. My life: a cycle of putting books on the shelf and organizing toys. Now I just let the house go until she is in bed, then I clean and can relax again. Since learning to being okay with mess, it has been more fun and easy going. I can just play and enjoy my time with Davis more- not thinking about how much I have to do.
*Once she has pulled herself up on whatever, she then takes steps to get around. She really just loves being on her feet like Mom and Dad. She is not close to walking though, and I hope she won't be for a while.
*She has also discovered our stairs and how to climb them. It took about a day to figure it out. She can get up, but getting down is another story. Naps have gotten longer since all this has started because she just goes and goes and totally wears herself out. It was fun today at the park, too, because she climbed the stairs on the jungle gym like the other children. She usually just sits and watches them with a look of frustration, but not anymore.
*She loves to clap her hands. We try to not make a big deal when she falls (unless it is a bad fall and she needs loves, then, we scoop her up and comfort, comfort, comfort). So we decided if it is not bad, then we will simply clap our hands and say, "TADA!" She now claps her hands all the time. It is the best when she looks up at you with a big cheesy grin and claps her hands. She claps a lot in the bathtub as well.
*She has four teeth and is working on another. Two on top and two on bottom. The bottom two came in no problem. We didn't even really notice until they were there. The top were another story. They really bothered her. She was a trooper and just drooled and chewed her way through it. I did break down and give her Tylenol a couple nights when we could tell she was really hurting. They are in now and she is happy. (Now when I say that they hurt her I mean she cried maybe a couple of times a day. Other than that she was still her happy content self.)
* Her favorite new game during bath time is standing up then falling on her bottom making a big splash. She will smile and clap after she made the big splash. We say being in the bathroom with her during bath time is like being at the Shamu show. Not because she is big but because the first two rows will get wet.
*Last but not least SHE HAS SAID HER FIRST WORD... DADA! That's is right Justin is gone five days of the week, while I am here taking care of her every need all day, and her first word is DADA! It is okay though I got the first smile and laugh. He can have the first word. He also deserves it because he is truly the best dad I have ever seen. He does everything he can to build a wonderful relationship with her. And he genuinely loves to help with everything that has to do with her.
I am sure that I am forgetting a ton of stuff but that will do for now. She is wonderful in every way. The past 8 months have brought about a lot of changes as a family, of course, and as individuals. I know that Davis was brought to our home at this time for a reason. She has the ability to light up any room and situation. She puts a smile on anyone's face that meets her. She has been blessed with a beautiful spirit that beams through her blue eyes. I know she will continue to use this gift through her life to bless those around her. I get so excited to think about all the things that await her in this life, and even more excited that I get to see them. I know there is a great work for her to do. We love her more than anything!

This is a little video of her climbing some stairs. I could have gotten more if I wasn't trying to juggle the camera and keeping her from falling down the stairs.

Just a little example of the tornado that is Davis. Also, the mess that I am learning to just be okay with. I am still learning, but even now I can feel my anxiety building thinking about the messes.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This is Davis laughing at mowgly. I have a much better one but it does not seem to want to upload. So this is a little taste of her laugh.

Here you go grandparents...

Here is the better video that I finally figured out how to get on here.

Friday, August 21, 2009

When we got home from California it was time to drop the crib. While in California she started to really crawl then a day later she was pulling herself up on anything and everything. She is inly eight months but she is doing so much. I want her to stop and just be my little baby.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Since Davis has started crawling poor mowgly has become the object of her affection. She often gets him cornered and just tortures him. This is a little example.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Getting a tan and fighting crime!

Before we left for mammoth we had one day together as a family which we spent at the beach. This was Davis' first time at the beach and she loved it!! She was a little nervous about the water but warmed up fast. The water that day luckily was a little warmer than it normally is which is still kinda cold. She played in the sand and tried many a time to shove it in her mouth. She was also entertained watching everyone around us, and it was crowed so she had a lot of people to watch. I loved being there and it reminded how beautiful and calming the ocean is. The mountains are great but there is nothing better than listening to the waves while reading a good book or watching your perfect daughter play in the sand with her dad. I am so glad that we have that memory forever.

** A cool story from our day at the beach. CRIME FIGHTERS!!***

It was at the end of the day and we were just about to pack up and leave, when this creepy guy came walking by. Now there was a single guy sitting in front of us who had gone in the water and left his stuff sitting in the sand. The creeper walked right up to the stuff and was just standing next it looking down, walking around all suspicious like. He caught mine and Justin's eye and started to walk away. I had a really bad feeling about the guy so I followed him with my eyes as he walked around. He was still creepy and looking at people's stuff and standing around. Finally he came to stop next to some stuff about 30 ft away. Just at that time the police came riding up on their four wheelers so I told Justin to stop them because he was going to steal something. He was still just standing by the stuff looking around and stretching. So Justin got up to go over to the police, but he was hesitant because the guy hadn't done anything yet. Just as Justin got up I saw the creeper reach down and take something small so I yell to Justin and he tells the police. The guy is walking in the direction of the cops so they stop him right behind where we are sitting and put him against the wall. They pull a bunch of stuff from his pockets and call for back up. They ask Justin for his story a few times and get the people whose stuff it was to come back. They ask the people if anything is missing and sure enough the first thing they say is the thing they found on the guy. They cuffed him right there on the beach in front of everyone, it was quite the scene. After they put him in the car they came back and asked for one more statement and said that they guy was totally freaking out in the car. The guy had stolen a camera and I am glad those people didn't lose those memories. After all the commotion was over we packed up our stuff and went home knowing the beaches of California were a little safer.

The weather was perfect I never wanted to leave.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just the start... more to come

Wow I getting stressed just thinking about all the stuff I have to write about from our California vacation. First is our trip to mammoth mountain with my family and extended family on my dad's side. It was the best vacation and exactly what we needed. Davis and I flew to L.A. on a Thursday afternoon and Justin flew that night from his camp. Saturday my uncle Allen's family drove up from San Diego and we loaded the trailer with our bikes and started our vacation. The suburban was definitely packed to the hilt. It had six adults, one baby, all their luggage, food for the week, and it pulled a trailer with 11 bikes. The car was trooper and got us their safely. Davis was great in the car too, there was only one meltdown due to hurting ears because of elevation. After we got here my Uncle Brett and Aunt Novella arrived with Cousin Kurt and friend Joe. Right from the start it was a blast and a little out of control. We are not a quiet group and we know how to have a good time. Sunday we went to the branch there in mammoth and actually saw some friends from home... small world! That night Ryan and Miriam showed up with the kids which brought the count to a lot of people in the condo. By the way Justin and I were sleeping on an air mattress under the stairs.
The biking was awesome and the view from the top of the mountain was amazing. There were only a couple minor mishaps but other than those everyone had great safe time biking. When we weren't biking there was a lot of relaxing, shopping, and laughing going on. We decided to play catch phrase one night and it provided us with enough laughs to last the time we were there. Especially my cute aunt Joy she was so funny and entertaining. I will never forget the glass of milk!!
While we were there we had a few milestones hit. First my mom turned fifty. My sister and I planned a party for her and made her a cake and little mini burgers. It was fun and she loved it and was so happy. It was fun doing that with my sister for mom, it has been awhile since I have been with my mom on her birthday.
The second was Davis started really crawling at barley seven months. And she has just hit milestone and milestone since then and is not slowing down. She just amazes me everyday. Watching her around so many people she was just amazing. She and amazing gift to just make the people around her happy. She is happy, sweet and smiley that when you are around her you really can't help but smile. I know this is a gift that she will have her whole life. I know that through her many will see the happiness that comes from our heavenly father. I love her so much!!

After our first ride down the mountain. Poor Justin but he was sweet to take this picture.
Davis in the car on the way to Mammoth. She was so enamored by my mom's nails. and she loved chewing on them.

This is right before the trip and she looks a little skeptical about the whole thing. She is not quite sure what to think about a 5 hour car ride with seven people.

Danielle, Dad, cousin Linds, Uncle Allen. Let's get this show on the road!!!!

Our little red wagon. This thing has gone many a mile and I think this was it's last trip. It did a great job and got all of our bikes there safely. Thank you little red wagon you will be missed!!

Uncle Allen, and Aunt Joy on the trail. Everyone stopped and rested after the uphill switchbacks.

Michael and Ryan are mapping out how they want to go down from here. They were so hard core this week and really took advantage of the time they had.

My sweet mom on her 50th birthday. My sister and cousin Linds helped put all together while she out on a bike ride with my dad. She deserves the best and I love her so much. She gives so much for us and many others without asking for much. A great example for me and Davis to have.

While my mom and dad were on their ride the found this bench. Justin had no idea he had a bench in mammoth dedicated to him. What he doesn't know is that was a surprise from me.(j/k but that would have been cool)

Ava and Ryan

This is what we did a lot too, we sat around and laughed. It was so great to get to know my cousins more and catch up on their lives.

Although we were on vacation it was really hard for my dad and uncle Allen to leave work behind. They are very fun and responsible, there was a lot of laughing and talking about refinancing.

Rodge and Danielly. I love my siblings and we had fun all together for the first time in a while.

This was a very common scene during the week. Justin is great at getting Davis to sleep. We call the baby whisperer and she definitely listens to him.

Grandma and Davis. It was so great that since Justin and I didn't have a room my mom out Davis in with them. luckily she is such a great sleeper that she didn't ever wake them up at night. It was also nice that my mom got up with her in the morning, changed her, fed her and played with her. Which is really awesome because the morning diaper is always the worst. Thanks mom and dad!!

Papa and Davis in the morning.

Cousin linds and aunt Joy

Davis would play so hard everyday that by the end she pooped out!!!

Davis and aunt Novella just relaxing. She had the touch too with Davis it took her no time at all to get Davis to sleep. I was so glad that she was so good with everyone.

Davis and Seth played together... well kinda Davis sat there and Seth bulldozed her. He is the cutest chunk ever. Davis looked like a mini baby next to him.

A little treat after a good ride down the mountain. I had a root beer float.

It was so great to have Justin there the whole week. It is the longest we have seen each other since he started camps in June. That is why this was a much needed vacation.

Everyone getting ready for the first ride of the vacation.

Off the top!! The gondola ride up there was a little scary but the view was also so beautiful. Although right when we got off the gondola on the top of the mountain at 11,000 ft the wind almost blew me over. That made things a little interesting until we got into the trees. We did get a little confused on what trail to take all the way down so we went one way and my uncle Brett took his own. He went a service road that was marked NOT A TRAIL pardon my french but as he flew past the sign all he had to say was "kiss my a*#! That is why I love him so much.

The group at the top

I loved being able to spend time with my niece Ava. She such a smart and witty little girl. She says the funniest things in very proper grammar. And Davis looks so happy being kissed by me.

So there is a big story behind this picture. My wonderful aunt joy has a few things she has to experience while in mammoth. One being see a bear. Well on Monday morning my mom and I were walking with kids in broad daylight and a bear walked right in front of us. It was so cool!!! Aunt Joy was very disappointed she wasn't there. So while we were talking in the spa someone heard us and said that there is a bear that comes and wonders around every night at about 11pm. So aunt Joy and I made this plate to help lure the bear so she could see him. I know it sounds crazy. So we make the plate and head out the door, to place the food by the trail. We head down the stairs and as we hit the bottom my aunt novella yells BEAR BEAR! We stopped where we were and got mad because that is not funny. But sure enough we turn around and there he is just walking across the parking lot. So here we are with hot dogs and syrup right about to walk out and come face to face with the bear. Talk about bad timing. he didn't come back and we tried again the next night, but no luck. We had a bucket this time with more food and goodies we called it the bear bucket. I even sat upstairs staring out the waiting for him to come. So aunt joy just got to see the back side of a bear. Maybe next year aunt Joy.

My mom making her birthday wish. She definitely took her time and did not tell us what she wished for. I hope she gets it whatever she wished for.

Isn't she adorable? I think very much so!!!

Just hangin' with papa.

The group minus aunt joy and uncle Brett taking the picture. We love number 9!!

After the crazy week in mammoth we came home and celebrated Ava's 3rd birthday. She was so cute when she opened he presents. She got princess chutes and ladders, candy land, and a princess crown. I love her and glad that I got to be there to celebrate her birthday.

I love the look on her face when she saw her crown and necklace.

And this is what a two week vacation will do to you. Just thinking about packing everything and going home made us both so tired we need a nap right then. Thanks for the pic mom!