Sunday, April 20, 2008

Serenity by Jan

It seems like the world is right again now that Michael Scott is back. I am so a happy that my Thursday nights are complete once again, the whole gang is back. And oh man are they, the season opener was awesome. More awkward Jan and Michael moments more Jim blankly starring at the camera in disbelieve that this is his life. I am a happier person when this show is on TV. So all I have to say is Welcome back welcome back welcome back!

Friday, April 11, 2008

I never want to do anything different but work with amazing children everyday. I love my job because at any given moment I can hear the funniest thing ever. Like today I was sitting with C and we are talking about spring break, what we do for spring and how we don't come to school during spring break.
* side note- When dealing with autism routine and consistency are very important things. So whenever there is going to be a major change in the kids schedule we have to prepare them by talking about it a few weeks in advance. This way it will be easier on their parents when the bus doesn't show up on Monday.*

So any way we're sitting there talking and he gets this look on his face like just found the cure for cancer and says.... " spring break means no CHURCH!!" I giggle a little and before I can recover He says " I wish I was the prophet then I would never have to go to church." Oh things you hear when you live Utah.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hutchins Happs

Okay so people have been asking about what we have been up to so I figured it was about time for an update. A lot has actually happened in the last little while. First I am 23 now My birthday was on April 5th which was this last Saturday. It feels weird though I don't look forward to birthdays the way I once did. I don't know how to take it, one way I could look at like I am getting older and more mature and think of my life in stages rather than in birthdays. Or it means that I have become boring and lost my childhood zeal. I'll stick with the first. Anyway My birthday was spent where else in a gym watching volleyball. That is right I have resigned to the fact that I am going to live and probably die in a gym. I guess there could be worse places though. (I am trying really hard to be optimistic) Justin's team had a tournament so that is where is spent my birthday. The worst part was they played horrible, they lost the first two matches and played like total doo doo! So that was not a good start. But the picked it up and finished the day strong. They started the day in fifth place and ended the day in fifth place which what good considering their start. This put Justin in a good mood and we went to dinner with our close friends to celebrate. Justin was so sweet he let me go on a shopping trip where I got some much needed spring clothes. He fixed my long board, and got us a wireless router so we have the Internet. That way when I write long well articulated blogs about politics I won't loose them.

This weekend was Also General Conference for those outside the LDS faith this is a biannual event where we get to hear our Church leaders speak to us on the topics they are inspired to speak on. It is a very wonderful and uplifting. It also causes you to rethink your current state, the things that you are doing well and the things that maybe you could be a little better at. It was also an amazing time for us to be able to sustain a new prophet President Thomas S. Monson. It was a little bitter sweet because I loved President Hinckley so much he was the prophet that I remember really taking counsel from. President Monson is equally as amazing he is straight forward and has such a kind demeanor. I love he pokes fun at himself a little it shows that he just a man who is striving for same thing we all are. It also was so nice to sit and know that even though he may new to the calling of President he is just as inspired to lead the lords church.

I am looking forward to the next couple weeks, this week we are taking the kids in our class to discovery gateway. It is a cool interactive museum in Salt lake they will get to learn about the human body and play with all sorts of stuff. Also this Friday I get to fly home for spring break. I am going to stay for a whole week. The sad part is Justin will be staying here, he has finals though so even if I was here we would not be able to spend any time together. I will miss him tons but I am really looking forward to catching up on my reading at the beach, and spending very minute with my family. (especially baby avers).

So there you go that is what we have been up to Love you case.