Saturday, April 25, 2009

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Just for information... I have added a few new posts so keep scrolling down and see what we have been up to.

Tulip Festival

On Thursday we packed up and went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving point. We have both lived here for a good amount of time but have never gone to the gardens at Thanksgiving Point. It is 55 acres of beautiful flowers statues and bridges. It also has the largest man made water fall on earth. Right here in Utah crazy I know. You just follow the path and there are tons of cool things to see. They have 250,000 tulips all along the path. There was even this beautiful little secret garden. You go in through these old wooden doors and it is just like in the movie, there are tons of flowers and vines. There was a little amphitheater in front of the falls, where they sometimes have concerts in the summer. So it is on our list of things to do more. Especially when our kiwi Daniel comes back this summer. We had so much fun just walking and talking being surrounded by beauty and gods creations. I was also really happy that Davis stayed awake pretty much the whole time so we could talk about the flowers and look at them. I hope to do as many things like this as I can with her so she will love to be outside and love to learn about new things.
The Hutchins Tulip a very rare species

This is true happiness!

She was so smiley and giggly

Feeling the grass on her toes and tulips on her fingers. I love watching her experience new things.
It seems hard to get a picture these days when her fingers aren't in her mouth.

These were my favorite ones. The color was amazing!

Again amazing color

Love the Ergo. Best baby carrier ever!

Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing us with such beauty. It is just another testament that he loves us, when you look and see the beauty he has surrounded us with. When we feel all alone in our trials just look around and see what he has given us to make our lives full and happy and you will know you are loved.

New Tricks

Here is an update of what Davis is doing and the new tricks she has learned.Her new favorite this is grabbing everything close and sticking it in her mouth. This includes her own toes. The other night in the bath tub she was doing her regular grab her feet and gibber jabber, but this time she went straight for her mouth. She has also recently started rolling over. We were at the gym watching volleyball practice and I had her laying on the floor on her blanket. She went to her side which she does all the time but this time she actually rolled over. I got so excited I am sure the people around me thought I was crazy. So I yelled to Justin and told him but she didn't do it again that night for him. The next morning after she was fed and changed when she is most happy I laid her on the floor hoping she would do it again for Justin to see. Sure enough she did two more times. I am so proud of her and how fast she is growing and learning. She also loves to mimic sounds that we make and she is pretty good. Another one of her tricks is when is hungry if we show her the bottle she calms down and spits out her passy. She has done all of this before four months old. I wish I could slow down the clock. I love her so much she is just so happy and content doing whatever.

Sitting upright in her bumbo is another great trick. Before she would sit upright for just a few minutes before falling forward, now she can sit and play with toys the whole time. She is growing too fast I feel like I can't keep up on the all the new things she is doing.

Sunshine and Reno

We have been lucky to have a few days of gorgeous weather. We are talking 70's with not a cloud in the sky. I have tried to take advantage of it every time I can. Davis and I have been going for walks in Provo canyon and sitting outside reading in the sunshine. My favorite thing I own right now is the bumbo it has made it so easy for me to do more things with her. She will sit in it outside while I read and talk to her. She leans over and tries to touch the grass. I love watching her learn about all the great things this world has to offer her. I wish I could remember how it felt to feel grass for the first time or the sun on my face for the first time. It must so exciting to her and it makes me wish she could talk so she could tell me how it feels.


Sleeping in the sun. She really is her mothers daughter.

This is comfort right here.

Doesn't she just look so interested in the book we are reading.

This last weekend Justin had to go to Reno with a couple of our younger teams for a volleyball tournament. Since they were taking a bus we decided to pack up everyone and go on a little vacation. Some people may think that we are nuts taking our 4 month old on a nine hour bus ride with 20 15 year old girl. Well I thought we were too as we got started but we just went with it. And if i wasn't convinced that we have the best baby ever I am now!!!!! She is amazing she was awake most of the time there and got fussy only once when we went up hill and her ears were popping. She just smiled and hung out for the whole nine hours. When we got to Reno we checked into the hotel and let Davis kick around for a little while before we went to practice. Again she just let us take her all over and never made a fuss. She let everyone hold her and get in her face. We just laid a mattress on the floor and she slept her regular 12 hours. And did I mention that she was still able to take her naps and sleep in the convention center with 300 screaming teenage girls. Our teams did really really well, they finished 5th and 13th in the whole tournament. Not to mention that they both stared ranked in the 60's out of 70 teams. So I would say that they exceeded expectations. It was so fun to watch them win some good matches, some that were really close nail biters. It was also fun to get to know the mom's of the girls better too. It was fun to hear all there funny stories about raising kids and also get some great advice from woman who have been in my shoes before. On the second day most of the mom, Justin and I went to the Atlantis for sushi. I love sushi and I couldn't go last year because I was pregnant so I was so excited to go. Now I have to say the ride home was even easier than the ride there we left Reno at about 4pm. We kept Davis awake for a couple hours then did her routine minus bath time fun time, and then she went to sleep for the rest of the way home. We watched chick flicks all the way there and home. (oh except for the last part of the drive when everyone was asleep and Justin put on cool runnings) "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Twilight, 13 Going On 30, Step It Up, Altogether it was a great weekend full of good food, funny stories, grumpy bus driver, and great company. I feel so blessed to have such a great daughter that allows us to do things like this. I love her so much!!!

Sleeping on the bus
This girl can sleep anywhere and in any position. When she is tired it doesn't matter where she is she sleeps.

My fave

Big blues
He can try but she will never drink that Satan juice.

Napping in dads arms in the loud gym

Again sleeping in Dad's arms on the bus
Big Blues again... This is pretty much her mood on the drive there.

Justin can always get her to smile.

Easter Weekend

For Easter this year we had my sister Danielle here. She goes to BYU-Idaho and they got done the Friday before. On Friday I drove up to Rexburg and helped her get all her stuff home for the summer. I was to have her here and not worrying about school. She works so hard at school and gets very stressed, so every other time she has been here she has been worrying about homework and school. So this time she could just have fun and relax which she deserves. What did suck though, we were planning on having Danielle watch Davis while we went on a real date but couldn't. About an hour after We get back from Rexburg my eye gets ichy and swells twice it's size. It was carzy my eyeball was actually swollen. Luckily it had happened before so I wasn't to worried. But I couldn't touch Davis or anything else so no cookie making or egg dying. BOO!!! On Easter Sunday we woke up (my eye a little better but still bothering me.) and the Easter bunny had come and brought Danielle and Justin candy and Davis new passies and a rubber ducky for bath time fun time. The eater bunny ran out of colored eggs so she just made paper eggs and put them all over our house. Holidays are so fun when you have kids, even though Davis is still too little to actually enjoy them I love going all out for her.
Funny side note Justin thought that it was stake conference so we woke up extra early and got ready to go to conference. It was a little stressful getting everything ready for Easter and getting myself and Davis ready for church. But we did it and we got out the door early. We show up at our stake center and the parking lot is barely full weird. So we get out and walk in still thinking that it is weird that there are no cars here. We open the door to the front of the chapel and there is a man at the pulpit giving a talk. We close the door totally embarrassed and go get back in the car. We are confused and then decide to go check our building thinking maybe it is there. Check our building same thing a ward is meeting. Too bad it still didn't sink in and we go home to check the program. Sure enough stake conference is the following Sunday. So here we are at 10:00 all ready for church and our ward doesn't start until 1:00 so we go back to sleeping.

My little family before churchDavis peacefully sleeping in her Easter dress from Grandma Hermansen. I love the way she is holding her hands in this picture.
Sitting in her bumbo watch mom and aunt Danielle making sugar cookies.

She loves being able to see what's going on so she loves her bumbo. She can sit on the counter and watch me cook. That way too I can talk to her while I am cooking.

My little family

After our stake conference mishap she fell back asleep pretty fast.

Another one of Davis in her Easter dress.

More birthday fun

On the weekend of my actual birthday was rather mellow. My mom and sister had come two weeks earlier which is when I did my birthday shopping. So I got up early that morning and went to get a good workout in, and when I came home Justin and Davis were sleeping together in bed it was so cute!!!! That night we went to dinner at Johnny Carinos which was great. Then we came home and just watched the BYU volleyball match on TV. Justin got me some beautiful flowers and gift certificate to Target. Oh ya and a new car. Ya we got a Mazda cx-7 I love it. I never thought that I would like driving an SUV but I actually do like being off the ground a little bit more. It was a good birthday.

This is what I saw when I got home from the gym. This is happiness.

Just chillin' watching some volleyball.

More volleyball.

The flowers Justin got me for my birthday. They were so pretty they looked fake.

That night as we were getting Davis ready for bath time fun time she stared grabbing her toes for the first time. She got a hold of them and hasn't let go yet.


Grandma Fun

My mom came up for a visit at the end of March. My sister and I share the same birthday so my mom came up to celebrate all together. It was so fun to have her and Danielle here. Mom was so sweet and got my sister and I cute vans shoes and money! On Saturday we packed up Davis and headed to salt lake for a day of shopping and lunch. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch it is the best place and I love everything on their menu. Davis was a little fussy so it was a bit more stressful than I'd hoped. After we had a great lunch we headed to Nordstrom Rack for a little retail therapy. They had some great stuff Danielle and I both found great jeans and sunglasses. Grandma also got Davis a beautiful Easter dress. We also went to the BYU volleyball match with my brother Michael. Davis was in a great mood. She smiled and giggled for everyone showing off how cute she is. I love my mom so much and I am grateful that she cares so much about me and is always there for me. I also adore my wonderful sister Danielle. She the most beautiful girl inside and out, and is a great example to me. Even though I am the older sister I learn more from her than she learns from me.

Grandma and Davis at the volleyball game BYU vs. UCLA
Out to lunch at the cheesecake Factory. I didn't get to eat much of my lunch because the lady wanted to be held.

Two beautiful ladies. I love these woman!!!

Three hotties ready for a day of shopping and fun. (just a little plug for myself... yes those are my skinny jeans. )