Thursday, June 19, 2008

What baby wants baby gets!

So I think that I have had my first pregnancy craving. For the past four days I have not been able to get through the day without a bowl of hot tomato soup. MMMMMM... It just baffles Justin how I can eat it in the middle of the summer when our air conditioner doesn't work. I can't explain how good it tastes with milk and a little pepper. I am just glad that I am craving something that has less than 100 calories.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thump Thump Thump

We heard the heart beat for the first time yesterday. It was a little surreal, up to this point I still haven't totally believed that I am actually pregnant. I have been so lucky to not have been sick at all and not felt any other symptoms so it hasn't really been real. But when we went to the doctor and heard that fast little thump thump it all became real. There was a flood of mixed emotions, at first I was overcome with joy and excitement, that lasted a few minutes and then the inevitable holy crap I am having a baby that will be mine forever pretty awesome and scary. I am just so glad that I have Justin who is amazing with kids and is going to be the best dad ever! So all in all it was great visit the doctor said the heart beat sounded strong and healthy. He also said that I was very healthy and should expect and wonderful easy pregnancy from here on out. That was music to my ears.

*** on a sad note there will be a minor halt to the pictures up on our blog. I am sad to announce that this weekend in Indiana my camera (or my baby that is what I call it) was stolen. boo hoo. I am now on a rabid hunt to replace it and will hopefully not have to go to long without my artistic outlet.

**** Also thank you to all that have congratulated us on the baby we are very grateful to have such amazing family and friends. Our kid is so lucky!

This is the Rolls Royce of strollers. It is called the Orbit and the seat swivels all the way around. Only the best for baby Hutchins, and mom too. Really though it is awesome and will be great to have.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Justin and I are excited to finally let the cat out of the bag... We are expecting!!! I am about 13 weeks along right now and feel great. We are very excited about out little addition. We had been trying for a little while and were actually starting to get discouraged, so we decided to take an extra trip to the temple that month and while there we both just had a feeling that we needed to be patient and remember that this is the lords timing more than it is ours. We left with lifted spirits like always but even more so that day. This was in February, march went by and life continued. So at the end of April I planned my trip to California to see my family for spring break and flew home. When on the plane I just felt funny kinda like I was sick which was weird I fly A LOT and have never gotten sick. My dad picked me up and I started my vacation. I can't say that I was sick or felt totally different but something was just off. Every once in a while I would just feel like someone zapped all my energy and if I didn't sleep right then I might die. But I have very tiring job and busy life so I just figured that I was over worked and really needed the break. So on Thursday the day before we were to go to Disneyland I thought that I would just take a test and see because I am a very healthy person and I just didn't feel right. So my sister and I went to target and got a pregnancy test. We wanted to keep my mom and dad from knowing what we were doing so we made some story about my sister needing a new bra for Disneyland. My dad was agitated that we were leaving because he was literally in the car ready to drive down to my aunts house. Long story short the two tests were positive I was in shock. I was so excited and scared at the same time because holy crap it is real now. but way way way more excited! It was hard though because I could not say anything so I had to keep it from my mom and dad, and Justin because I wanted to tell him in a cute way when I got home. So I kept my mouth quiet and flew home I picked Justin up from a volleyball tournament. When he got in the car I showed him a coach bag that my mom had bought me while I was home. He was like great so I told that I had a surprise for him in the bag. he thought that it was something from Disneyland. He looked and took out one of the tests and was speechless. Tears were shed I won't say by who but we are just so happy that our family is really starting. I learned through this experience that I must be patient and trust the lord. I am so grateful that I married to such a good man who will bless our family with his priesthood and be an amazing dad.