Thursday, June 14, 2012

Grayson Ryan Hutchins

Welcome to the family and world Grayson Ryan Hutchins. He was born June 1, 2012 and weighed 9lbs 2 oz!! 
Here is his story: I will start from the beginning, this pregnancy was a lot harder than my pregnancy with Davis. I was sick in the beginning and a lot more tired. That could have been due to the fact that I was chasing around a very energetic 3 year old for most of the time. It also didn't help that at about 32 weeks Justin changed jobs and we moved. Luckily it wasn't far, just from Grover Beach to Fresno (or Clovis really). So we moved and I found an OB that I LOOOVED and was ready to face the end of the pregnancy. As the end got closer it was really looking like he was ripe to come before his due date. Yipee was all I could think because Davis was a week over and that was the most miserable week ever. So as the date got closer I kept Jogging and doing those squats and every appointment I was more and more dilated. Well May 27th came and went... no such luck of going before the due date. The days just kept going by. Finally at my last appointment at which I was already 3 days over due I asked to be induced. It was something I said I really wanted to avoid, but I just couldn't take being prenant any longer. So we scheduled my induction for 8:30 on May 31st. They said to call before coming in just to make sure they had a bed available for me. I got up straightened my hair got Davis ready to spend the day with friends and called the hospital. NO BED call back around 11 am is what they told me. So we waited and waited and NO BED. They said it was so busy at one point that every nurse was delivering and they had woman on beds in the hall in labor. So I just put my name on the schedule for the next day. So June 1st we did the same thing got up got ready dropped Davis off and called. This time we got the go ahead. They said to come in and have a baby. So we get there and think that we are going up right away but between the 10 mins it took to get there they didn't have a bed anymore. So I was pretty sad as we waited in the waiting room. But luckily we didn't wait long and at 8 am I was in a room getting changed and hooked up. My wonderful doctor came in and broke my water and chatted with me for a bit. I labored for a couple of hours and when I got to a six decided to get my epidural. It was probably a little early but I wanted to catch the anesthesiologist before he went into a c-section. He was there within a couple minutes and did a wonderful job. I have all the respect in the world for those that do it natural, but the epidural is for me. So that was around 10:30am and after that Justin watched a documentary on the history of the US and I took a little nap and watched the Real Housewives of Orange County. Yes I know it is complete trash but I can't look away. My sweet L&D nurse came in to check me around 11:45 just to see if the medicine had slowed me down at all or if I was still progressing. Much to her surprise I was a 10!!! She Said don't you push or this baby will fall out. She quickly called the doctor back and he was there right away. He came strolling with a Pepsi and a smile. He sat down and started chatting while they finished getting everything together for the birth. The nurse said to do a practice push just to see how things were and as I started to push she immediately told me to STOP!! She then turned to the doctor and said "get your gloves NOW this baby is here" so he did and two more pushes later Grayson was here!! It was a little scary because the while I was pushing I just kept hearing them say WOW he is a big boy, you have a big boy. They were taking bets 9lbs 13oz was the guess. So when they weighed him and he was only 9lbs 2oz they weighed him again thinking it was a mistake. 
They immediately put him on me and let me feed him. He was hungry the second he entered this world and has not stopped eating since. So labor was a total of 4 1/2 hours and I pushed for 5mins. I was so hungry after I had Justin grab me a sandwich from the pantry there. As I started eating the nurse told me to order lunch it was way better! And it was, I got salmon and veggies, a twice baked potato, milk shake and jello of course. They give the new dads a complimentary meal. It was so good!
The first was fine not a lot sleep and Kind of lonely. Because you have to share a room spouses have to leave at 10pm. Luckily everything was looking good so we got to go home the next day. My mom and Davis were there anxiously waiting to meet Grayson. Davis was so cute she just loved looking at him and kissing him. So there is the story now on to the pictures!
His name: Grayson: we just loved it and knew that was our boy even before we got pregnant
Ryan: We wanted to give a name to be proud of. Ryan is my older brothers name and someone we both look up to a lot. 
Hutchins: we didn't have a choice there
Grayson Ryan Hutchins

I was just told we were ready to push and have this baby!    
 Five minutes later he was here!! Proof I had a nine pound baby. Good thing this is our last because they say they get bigger as you go.

 First Daddy son picture. The hospital had cute homemade hats for the babies.

 More proud daddy!! I have to brag on this guy for a second. He is the best dad ever. He does more than just provide, he makes us thrive!! We thrive spiritually, physically, and mentally because of him and his greatness!! I wish I could give every child a father like him.

 He is so beautiful I think it is the more full face. He even has a chin!

 Showing him the very special bear that she made for him. It has her voice recorded saying "I love you little brother"

 she could not get enough of him. She kept saying " he came out, he came out"

 First brother sister kiss

 Wherever he was she wanted to be. I felt so complete with both my kids sitting so close. Another one of her favorite phrases "oh he is wide awake"

 She wasted no time getting her doll and playing mommy. Whatever we did with Grayson she did too.

 She also loves to hold him in her chair. Is that pure joy on her face or what!?

 Super grandma and her grandkids. When I say super I mean it. We would have not survived without her. She cleaned, cooked, did laundry, hung pictures, organized for me, and entertained Davis. She also exercised everyday!! She is amazing and I hope I can someday be like her. Oh and she managed to read Go Forward With faith, the life story of Gordon B. Hinkley. 

 More SUPER-grandma
 Two days old

 Beautiful Davis. She is still the Apple of my eye.

 grandma trying to get him to take the passy. The boy loved to be attached to me, but I did need a break every now and then.
 Comfy boy
 Milk Coma. 
I love my Kids. I think it is going to take a little bit to get used to the kidS (as in multiple children) thing.We are so blessed to so far have two beautiful healthy kids. I find so much joy in them and watching them grow. I wish I could freeze time and keep Davis at this curious and loving stage. And freeze Grayson so he will always want to cuddle with me. I am a blessed woman also to be doing with this with best partner and father I could ever ask for. I know my children will be okay because they have a father who will always be their biggest fan and greatest example. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Big girl stuff

We had another big day in our house... We got Davis her first real big girl bed. Before she was in her converted toddler bed from her crib. We found a beautiful four poster bed at a garage sale. It is an amazing captains bed with drawers underneath. We got the bed and the drawers for a steal of a deal at $25. It was a bitter sweet day, I absolutely loved putting everything together but cried because she is definitely not a baby anymore.

This is the pillow that she picked out for her bed. A huge cupcake. And yes we had to where fairy wings everywhere we went that morning. I said okay because WHY NOT when you are 2 and totally adorable.
I still cant believe that we got such a good deal.
Big girl room!!!
On another note this is what My wonderful husband got me for our 6th anniversary. Isn't he good?! I love him so much (and not just because he gives great gifts.)

Summer Excursions

This has truly been a summer full of excursions. I never thought that I would say this but I am actually a little happy it is over and we can relax and be home for more than a week. I will go in the order that the pictures are in. First we have our trip to Arizona. My sister and her husband who got married about six months ago recently moved there. Her husband was going to be out of town and so was mine so I packed up the car and headed over the scorching heat. It was so much fun to see her new married apartment and get to spend the time with her. I also got to see my good friend Sharisa and her son Merrick. Davis and Merrick were BFF. We took them the children's museum and he was all over the climbing stuff. He is amazing at anything athletic. He is totally a future X gamer. Oh and don't worry and rode his 7 year old brothers two wheel bike at two years old. He is awesome. So while there it was pretty much a girls week of food, laughing, shopping, blue bell ice-cream and a little gossip. Justin was actually there on business so we did get to go to dinner with him one night. That was really fun and we got to have dinner with a great family.On one day Danielle and I headed out to Scottsdale and did some shopping(love lululemon). There happened to be an awesome splash pad in the middle so I stripped Davis down to her undies and let to go to town. She had a blast, and since a billion degrees it was just what the doctor ordered. We topped it off with a nice cranberry cherry limeade from sonic MMM!!!

Here is Davis with her Uncle Jason. This little girl loves her uncles!! It was so cute how she lit up when he got home from his trip.
Showing off her muscles with aunt Danielle at the museum.
Cheesing with some random girl from the museum
While Merrick was building towers and dumping out all the bins of blocks Davis was singing into her pretend microphone.
She wasn't always the Happiest at the museum. It might have been a little bit over her age.
Sharisa on the bed of nails.
Merrick on the bed of nails.
Danielle on the bed of nails
I was telling them to put their hands down. Such great listeners.
Ps. Just before this they had wondered over the this huge telescope thing and started to fight. Davis did a bulldozer push move and Merrick retaliated. We kinda just watched until we saw it was time to intervene. They do love each other.
Tug O War
pre-bulldozer move
Splash pad. Don't judge me I don't carry her bathing suit with me at all times. Plus those are cute Paul frank undies.

This is the start of our Utah trip. Another trip where Justin had to work the whole time and we got to play around with friends. Justin's dad and his sweet wife Gayle are living in our house so when we visit we get to see all our old friends too. It was so great to catch up and be reminded why we want to move when the time is right. We spent every minute visiting and hanging out with people that we love. Of course We saw our adopted family the Schaffner clan. Which includes the Maltbys and Ten Boches. Also the wonderful Kohlers. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful on our lives. I didn't get any pictures but we also got to see Uncle Daniel.
Ebony and Ivory. These two melt my heart.
We got a spend a whole day with my brother Michael hanging out and walking around BYU. He showed us his physics cave where he spends the majority of his life under ground. We went to the bookstore and looked at all statues on campus. The highlight was the duck pond of course like it always is.
She had Uncle Michael wrapped around her finger her got her a lollipop and a t-shirt. He is such a great Uncle.

Future Cougar!

While we there we got to see my bother be the stud that he is and win his volleyball tournament.

Davis and I drove up on the 4th of July and stopped at my grandparents house in richfield. I adore them they are the cutest old people ever. Davis was so good and just had a blast with all my grandmas stuffed bears.
4th of July on the porch eating pop corn and watching fire works. Their little town by the way has the best fire works they were amazing and lasted a half hour.
Wonderful man and patriarch
I love this picture
Also this Summer we did some bonfire at the beach. Our beach is one of three beaches that you can drive onto and have a fire. So we did foil dinners one night. They turned out great and Davis loved it.

We have had a lot of fun this summer while missing Justin every second. He worked his tail off and we love for all he does. I could not ask for a better partner on this journey.