Friday, July 25, 2008

The Gentle Giant

While Sharisa was here I got a call from my sister informing me that my uncle Calvin my mom's oldest brother had past away. He had a heart attack while home by himself. My uncle Cal and aunt Ruth were the best examples to our family of how to love and care and be totally selfless. My mom's dad past away when she was about 16 and he brother Cal stepped right in and helped is mom take care of the nine other children in the family. I have the fondest memories of visiting them often in Newbury Park and playing in their big bonus room up stairs. He was always showing us his cool gun collection and teaching us how to shoot a bow and arrow. He was a big strong guy with an even bigger heart. His legacy lives on with his beautiful sweet wife my wonderful aunt Ruth Hair, His son Jesse who has the best sense of humor of anybody I have ever met, and his daughter Karen with her adorable little boy with one on the way.

It is so great to know that families are forever and that my grandma and grandpa have their oldest son with them again in heaven. I love my family everyone of them and will miss uncle Cal an hope that we can all work on being more like him.

Week with the preggos

The day after we picked Daniel up from the airport we got to go back to pick up my sister in law sharisa who came out for a visit. She took a week out from work to come and keep me company and do a little shopping. She is also pregnant, she is about 6 weeks ahead of me and they are having a boy. We spent the week talking laughing, cooking and shopping.

Some Highlights:
** Earlier that week Justin finally got the movie he had been for from Netflix. Side Out it is a volleyball movie that was made in the 80's. When I say 80's i mean 80's big hair, lots and lots of neon, stone washed jeans, and pants to the armpits. Anyway Sharisa thought that it would be fun if we made dinner and themed it after the movie. We made Zack Barnes zucchini, cutty chicken, Sparkling shotty soda. There were others but I can't remember them right now

** Sitting around in our pajamas until 1 in the afternoon.

**Going to Park City and shopping all day. I found some great jeans. I really found two pairs and wanted both but decided to get one because of the price. I get to the register and they end up being half the price so I got two pairs of designer jeans for the price of one. WHOO HOO. Then as we were walking down main street we were talking about trying to find a Bella Band. It is a band that goes around your waist it keeps your pants up even when they are unbuttoned and unzipped. That way you can wear you regular jeans your whole pregnancy. Well just as we were trying to think of places that sell them we walked into a store and not a baby store, and there they were. So Sharisa got one after just saying that she wanted one really bad.

** We scoured the valley for stores that had cute baby boy stuff. Trust us there is just not a lot of things for boys that are cute. You can even ask Daniel we dragged him around with us one day. We told him that while we were out we could by a phone store so he could put minutes on his phone. The funny thing is we didn't even do that we got caught up with shopping for baby stuff and totally forgot. (sorry Daniel, but hey what a trooper he was.)

** We found the best little boutique called Dear Lizzie it made me hope that I was having a girl. All the stuff they had was amazing and beautiful, even the cupcakes. But we didn't get a cupcake, we forgot to. Oh well we'll have to do that next time she comes to visit.

** Watching our husbands play volleyball together for the first time. It was great to be in the sun and Justin and Brock did really well for the first time playing together. We had a great BBQ afterwards, steak potato's, corn on the cob, and salad it was wonderful. Friends family and good food a perfect vacation.

It was nice to be able to spend so much time with Sharisa. She is a beautiful, smart, kind, caring person. I really enjoyed having her here and wish what her and Brock lived closer so we could spend even more time together. I can't until both our babies are born in know they will be close.

Return of the Kiwi

Daniel Jones the international man of mystery. Daniel is a good friend of ours that Justin met on his trip to New Zealand a couple years ago. He came here last summer to visit friends and to do volleyball camps with me and Justin with gold medal squared. We had a blast with him while he lived with us, and missed him when he left. He moved from here to London and Now he is back! He decided to come back for this summer again to do camps. We are so happy to have him here. He is the nicest guy, and we just love having him here. We wish that he would just move here and stay. (oh and we have to make sure that he doesn't have fizzy drinks or things like this happen) **fizzy drink=caffinated soda**