Monday, May 31, 2010

A LOT of pictures

This is a little catch up of what we have been up to lately in pictures. Details to come, and we all know it is the pictures that people really want to see.

Jackson is my favorite!! This boy knows how to have a good time.

Nana with Davis.

I turned a pair of Davis' jeans into skinny jeans. I love dressing this girl.

Volleyball buds

Thursday, May 6, 2010

quiet book

This is the quiet book I have been working on for Davis. Since we don't brings toys or anything to church with us I decided that she could have one sacrament activity. I started working on this book that will be for her during church. She will get it only on Sundays so she knows what to expect.

The hands on the clock move around so you can tell the time.
The matching colors have Velcro so she can learn to match colors and play with the Velcro. The road map page is one of my favorites. While I was making this she picked up the cars and started making the car noise while moving them around.
This page isn't quite done but the ark is a pocket for the finger puppet animals that are in process of being made. The rainbow colors are actually pockets where she can stick the animals when I get to finishing them. This was a fun to do and the first time I put a zipper in.
The tithing envelope on this one closes with a button and holds the coins. Then they attach to the other page with the numbers. This was we can talk about tithing while working on her counting.
This is I think going to be her favorite. The pocket holds her pens that are just hers and a pack of 3x5 cards for her to write her letters on. When she is done she can put them in the slot of the mailbox.
The seeds on this one are also Velcro attached so she can take them on and off. Then she can put the other layer done and show the little sprout of flower. Then on the other side the flowers are attached with snaps so again she can take them on and off.
I have has a lot of fun doing this and I still have more to make. Once I got started the ideas just flowed so now I know what I am going to be busy with for the next long while.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Me and Sally

Just some things I have done to keep myself busy.

Flashcards made of felt. I got the idea from another blog and actually made two sets so I can play a matching game with them.