Saturday, February 27, 2010


This week Davis and I went to the Hogel Zoo. It was free zoo day so I figured why not? We woke that morning to snow falling and I was got way bummed because I thought that we would have to cancel our trip. Luckily it stopped and Davis took a good nap so we were ready for zoo day. It was about a 40 minute drive to the zoo which during that time it started to rain again which again worried me. But we got way lucky and it stopped as soon as we got out of the car and didn't rain another drop the whole 3 hours we were there. It was pretty cool too because a lot of their exhibits are indoors so we would walk around see the outside animals and the warm inside looking at other animals. Davis was so excited from the moment we looked at the first little monkeys. She would point and scream and laugh and talk. She walked most of the time on her own which I thought was really good because she stayed close to me and followed directions. She is so smart and understands so much more than I give her credit for. Her favorite were the porcupines and the giraffes. There was a sign on the outside of the Giraffes door that said no screaming. Well when Davis got in there and saw them all she could was jibber jabber at the top of her lungs it was really cute and luckily not that loud. She actually walked up really close without getting scared. She loved watching the wolves, they were being super playful with each other and jumping and running. She stood at the fence and laughed and screamed again. She was seriously so happy the whole time we were there. The funniest part of the whole day happened when we went to see the orangutans. She was standing right at the window watching one of them swinging on their toy thing. When all of the sudden another one took off his blanket and turned right in Davis' face. She about jumped out of her skin and I had to hold for the next ten minutes. Like such a great mom I laughed and took a picture of her. We stopped and ate lunch and talked about the animals and practiced our animal noises. I love this little girl everything with her is so much fun. She is so enthusiastic about everything she does. She talked and laughed the whole time we were there. She walk up to other kids and wave and laugh and smile. She played with other kids at the playground. She makes me smile.

Not so happy I forced to take the egg picture
You can kinda see the big orangutan that scared Davis
The cutest baby elephant.
She is look at little cat like animal I forgot the name.
She stayed glued to the glass looking at the porcupines. There was even a trainer in there feeding then and made one come right up t Davis' face. She didn't get scared she just laughed. Apparently porcupines aren't that scary
This is how she walked the whole day. Smiling and swinging her arms she could not have been happier.
Screaming at the sleeping tigers. (Sorry tigers I know how you feel)
Again Happy

The tigers were way cool so I took lots of pictures of them
Finally something she could pet.
She walked right up to the gate.
The penguins were making loud noises and every time they made a noise she would make a noise. It was like they were commucating. She has everyone around laughing.

Looking at her first monkey he was right there at the window.
Ready for the day
This was Davis in Vegas watching Justin coach. And yes those high top chuck taylors. She is that cool.
On day she played so much that she walked over to her bear laid down and fell asleep.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Random sutff

Here is a little taste of what we have been up to.

Trying to get two pacifiers in her mouth at once...