Saturday, August 23, 2008

First week of school... and little gal stuff!

This was the first week back to school. It was a great way to start the year. There are seven kids in the class this year which is a lot more manageable than 14. The first day was definitely an adjustment for them after being out of the school routine for so long but by Friday we were doing goals and getting a good jump start to the year. I feel like this year we will be able to really stay on top of behavior modification since there aren't as many kids and chaos all the time. The night before I started school Justin asked in his prayer that I would be able to know the best ways to help the kids and be in tune to what they are feeling, and after this week I really feel that the lord listened and granted me that blessing. Example 1: One of the little boys was having a very difficult time sitting and working, I had that prayer in the back of my mind and really felt prompted about how to help him. I took him aside talked to him and gave some sensory toys to calm him down, I felt like he just needed to feel like he was being listened to and loved. After a minute of just talking, being calm and whispering in his ear (which he loved) I was able to get him to sit in his seat and do a little work. I love these kids so much they just make my heart melt. I also really feel the love that our heavenly father has for them I know that they are very special spirits to him and that I need to treat them exactly how he would want me to.

This was the first weekend that Justin and I got to spend together in almost a month. So we lived it up!! On Friday we stayed home ate dinner and went to bed at 10:00. I know... we are real party animals ," live on the edge" is our family motto. Today was fun though We woke up and I made blueberry muffins for breakfast, Justin hung by the pool and I went to lunch with the teachers I work with. I had to be home by 3 because we had to watch the USA woman's volleyball team play for gold. It was a great match but the Brazilians proved to be to much for the USA to handle. Then we went SHOPPING!!! We went to babies R Us we looked and tested strollers and found one that we love so that is down, we picked out the crib we want. It is a little overwhelming how much stuff we need for this little gal.

We also went to Ross to see if they had any cute baby stuff we are slowly getting our little gal cute things to wear when she gets here.

Justin actually picked out this one It says " favorite things... Grandma, hugs, kisses." the white one behind it had a cute little duck on the front. I just talked to my mom so the grandma part just got me. Justin impressed me with this one he is so good at picking out cute stuff for her.
These were also a Justin pick they are her first Nike's. They just little booties but they are Nike and so adorable. We have already decided that she has to be good at sports we don't really care what sport as long as it gets her a college scholarship.

In New Jersey I stayed with the same family that we did last summer. They are the sweetest people and Justin and I really feel blessed that we get to meet such amazing people when we do these camps. This year was so fun because I just got to know them better and they were so sweet to get little gal her first outfits. The sayings are just too funny, the sleeper you can see, the middle one says " mommy thinks she's in charge" and the one on the right says " Daddy's wrapped around my finger" which so true already it is so cute now that she can hear things he will talk to her.

I thought I would add another of this one because I think that it is so cute!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

3 years and counting...

On August 12th we celebrated our three year wedding anniversary. I was in New jersey and Justin was here. It wasn't the best way to spend our anniversary but when we talked that night it was so fun to think back on all the things we have done and accomplished together in three years. It is weird how it has only been three years but it is hard to remember a time when I didn't have Justin with me. Life has been so wonderful since meeting and marring him. We have done a lot of cool things together, traveled the country together, coached together and the best part of all is that we are now having a little baby together. He makes me laugh everyday and feel so good about myself.( especially now that I feel like a big fatty now a days).

Since as I said before we were apart on our actual anniversary we celebrated this week instead by going out to dinner at our favorite place Cafe Rio and then going to a Jack Johnson concert. It was so fun! Justin surprised me by calling me during class saying that he was getting the tickets and we were going later that night. He picked me up after school and we headed up there to eat which was of course good, because of all the traveling I hadn't had Cafe Rio in a couple months so it was GOOD!! The concert started at 7 and the doors opened at 5 so we got there at like 4:45. We got our place on the lawn and just chilled for a few hours, it was just great to be able to sit with Justin talk and just be together.

Justin and I finally broke down and bought a new camera which makes me so happy. It feels so good to have a way to document all the exciting things that are happening right now in our life.

This is before the underage drunk slutty girls with Gross guys hanging on them came in and sat right next to us. The music was great but it as I watched these guys buy the girls all the beer they wanted and then take advantage of the lack of inhabitions, my mind was drawn to our soon to be status of parents to a little girl. I now know why my parents were always so worried when we left the house and wanted to know everything that I was doing. Our little gal isn't even here yet and I have already had a lot of "now I know why they did that" they being my parents. I want the best for her but I know looking around and seeing how bad the world is getting that we have our work cut for us. Our number on job right now is to make sure that our home is a refuge from that world.

Since this is our little girls first concert we decided that she needed something to remember it by. They were selling these and it wasn't that bad cost wise. It is blue so when she wears it I will put a matching blue flower head band on her when she wears it. Our girl is going to be the coolest little girl ever. My mom and dad have even gotten her a surf board tummy time mat. So even though we don't have a beach here we are going to make her California girl at heart( just like her mom).

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HONEY I LOVE YOU!!! With so many more to come I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The little gal

I am having so much fun looking at all the cute stuff out there for girls. The options are endless not just in the clothes but all the cute little accesories that can go with every outfit. Our little gal hutchins is going to be totally girlie, and play with transformers says justin. I found this outfit and I think that i might just have to get it for when this little gal comes home. Olivia is not going to be her name but you can get it personalized to say whatever. Trust me there is more where this came from. my next adventure is deciding how I want to decorate her room. Any suggestions are welcomed.

I know how cute. I am so exicted, I can't wait until december when we can see her and hold her. The best thing right now is seeing how excited justin for her to come as well. He is so amazing through this whole process I just fell in love with him even more. Okay I'm done with the cheese.

Friday, August 1, 2008

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

Justin and I are totally perma-a-grin right now. We are so excited for our little girl to join our family. Up to this point pregnancy has been rather surreal for me, I haven't felt much different, I don't look much different, and so it hasn't been real. We went to the doctor last week to find out but didn't which was disappointing. Then we had to reschedule for after I was done with the volleyball camps in three weeks, so I was really sad. I am not a fan of surprises at all so it has been killing me to not know what we are having. Anyway I left for my camp in Washington and Justin went to dinner with some friends and they told him about a place called fetal photos. It is a place where you can go and pay a flat rate and a licensed OB gives an ultrasound and tells you what you are having. So I decided I had to know, we made an appointment for Friday afternoon (which is today) for when I got home. Justin picked me up from the airport, we went out to lunch with a friend and then straight over to find out what our little baby is.
It's amazing how up to this point it has been surreal but when she showed up on that screen and we could see her face and hands, feet and fingers wow. She was sleeping when we started and so we were moving my stomach to wake her up. When I moved she would curl up her hands and cover her face, she was tired and didn't want mom to bother her. She was so cute she yawned and stretched a couple times. Whoa it is crazy to say her and she aww. Her heart looked great and was beating strong, the spine was well developed, and the brain looks good. That is was what really mattered to us. Now the fun can really begin watch out everything pink!
I love my little girl so much, I just can't wait to see her in person. Seeing her on that screen made me so happy I am going to be a mom to beautiful girl what will hopefully have Justin's temperament and my athleticism (and no I didn't mix those two up). I just hope that we can teach her and love her they way our heavenly father wants her to be. It is amazing how this morning I woke and looked at motherhood and parenting totally different, now I can picture raising my beautiful baby girl. I am so grateful that I have a husband who will be a great father. I love him so much he has the best blessing of my life. Justin is amazing and I am so excited to raise our eternal family together. I love you little girl!!!