Monday, February 23, 2009

Two Months

This is Davis at a week and a half old

Now Davis at two months old.

Even now as I look at these pictures I can't believe how much my little lady has grown. On Sunday someone made a comment about how small she was, I looked at them like they were crazy because to me she has changed so much.
Epiphany #2: Since having Davis and becoming a parent I feel so much closer to my Heavenly Father. I understand a little better His love for us and the atonement. When we sin it is easy to feel like there is no way that we can be truly forgiven and that Heavenly Father will forget. Now, looking at Davis there is nothing in this world that she can do that will make me love her any less. Will it kill me to watch her make mistakes? Yes, but I will love her through them. I will also have open arms for her when she needs me. That is what Heavenly Father has for us always as well. Even in our darkest hour all He wants is for us to come to him. Looking at how our heavenly parents love us is the example we should follow. Teach correct principles and let them govern themselves. This will be hard and I will mess up but I have the atonement as the ultimate symbol of love.
Things she has done in her short two months:
* She sleeps through the night
*She smiles and coos at us all the time
* Her eyes are a lot more focused when she looks around
* Her little personality is starting to come through.
* She is so strong, she can lift her head and push herself up with her legs.
* She is awake a lot more and loves to play while laying on her back.
* She has grown like a weed (as you can see from the pictures)
* She actually likes bath time, or should I say loves it. She will be a little fish this summer in the pool.
Dad and I love you so much Davis. You have brought such a strong spirit into our home. I remember thinking when Dad and I got married that I could not remember a time without him. It just felt so natural to be with him. I feel this again with you. It is hard to remember a time when you weren't here in our home. It feels like you were always a part of our family, we just didn't know it yet. This two months has flown by and I look forward to every day that I get to watch you learn and experience all the greatness that this world has to offer you. We love you and will always take care of you.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend with Dad

We had a great weekend, Justin was actually home to be with us. Friday we drove up to the University of Utah to watch our friend Cache play volleyball. After driving all the way up there we could not find a place to park because of the women's basketball game. Oh well, we love you Cache! Since we couldn't go to the game we decided to go to dinner. We went to Pei Wei. It is like P.F Changs (mmmm lettuce wraps). Davis was not happy. She had to be in her carseat so long, when we took her out she calmed down and loved getting attention.
Saturday was the best!!! We just hung out all day. Davis spent most of the day with Justin since this was the first weekend in a while that he has been home. She loves being with Justin, when he is around she just smiles and makes cute little noises. I have a feeling she is going to be a daddies girl. It was so nice that Justin took her because I got to get out and run errands that I had been trying to get to for a while. I love Davis so much, but it is nice to get out without her every once in a while. Then that night we packed up Davis for her first volleyball match outside the womb. Byu played UCSD, my sister's friend Aaron who plays for UCSD got us in on his list. It was so great to see him and talk to him. It was so fun to see so many of our friends that we have not seen since Davis was born. She was the queen of the night, but she did so well. She was passed around all night being held by different people and never fussed. She even slept through some of the game screaming cheering whistling and all. It was a very special night because Davis got to meet the woman who gave us the idea for Davis' name. When Justin was helping out with the mens team he mentioned that he Head coaches wife's name was Davis. Ever since then I loved it, and it happens to be a family name also. So anyway Sean the head coach introduced us and Davis got to meet Davis. She was a beautiful sweet lady. (hopefully a glimpse into our Davis' future) It was great to sit with my brother Michael and our friends Cache and (we even got on tv)
After the Game we went to dinner at Iggy's sports bar. Cache and Justin were their entertaining selves at dinner. I don't think they stopped laughing the whole time, mostly at their own jokes. Again it just felt so good to be out with other adults and feel like a real human again. I love our friends and family and I always have a great time with them. I know you are all sick of hearing this but Davis again did great. She got a little fussy towards the end of dinner because we kept her out way past her bedtime. It paid off though because she slept almost 7 hours.
We had so much fun and Davis was awake and alert for most of the time.

Me and my little babe. I just love her!

We are one good looking group huh?

This is more like it.

Dad and Davis. She is lovin' her some volleyball!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I just had to post this picture. The bow is the size of her head but it is so cute. She took a long afternoon nap in her swing like this. I was able to get a lot of house work while she was sleeping. I love days like this when I get stuff done, and feel productive. Tomorrow we'll see if I can gt the bathrooms cleaned. (we'll keep our finger crossed:))

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Great day and Great Cousins!!

Davis and I had a very fun filled day today. It started with Davis sleeping through the night and waking up in a great mood. It is becoming close to impossible for Justin to leave for school when she is so cute in the morning. She smiles, coos and loves to just sit her bouncy chair in the bathroom and watch us get ready. After we got ready Davis and I went over to our friends Megan and jacks house. They have a beautiful little girl named Cali she is nine months old. Cali wanted to so badly for Davis to play with her but she is still too little to do any playing. It was great to see them and get out of house and have adult conversation. Later we I decided that we would join Justin at club practice. Davis was an angel. She slept for the first couple of hours, then woke up super happy. Justin held her and she had her eyes wide open looking around. She was making cute little noises and everything. When practice started we sat with a couple moms and she stayed awake the whole time. She let other people hold her and looked around. I think that the sound of the gym is actually soothing to her. Almost the whole time she was in the womb I was in a gym coaching all day. She has just had a great day. I feel so blessed that I have such a great baby. I love her so much, and it is even better when she looks at me and smiles and I know that she loves me just as much. After we got home from practice we checked the mail and Davis got her first letter. It was the cutest valentines card from her cousins Ella and Ruby. The colored her a beautiful picture on the inside of card. I get kind of snobbish when talking about my nieces and nephews because they are the cutest. I mean they really are if there was a contest they would win. My sister in law whom I have mentioned before is a super mom. She is my inspiration to be more creative and organized. This is the front of the card that Davis got from Ella and Ruby

Is this not the cutest thing? I don't scrapbook but this is definatly going in her keepsake box. Thank you Ella and Ruby Davis Uncle Justin and Aunt Shannon love you very much!!! Erica you the best!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


This Valentines Day Justin was out of town in Vegas. He was there with the club at a tournament. So my beautiful sister came to visit from Rexburg and celebrate with me and Davis. To start the day I got Davis dressed in her Valentines outfit with her cute pink and white shoes on and waited for Danielle to arrive. When she got here we out and got our romantic dinner from Cafe Rio and toasted with martinelli's. Later our friend Cache came over, he needed a valentine and so did Danielle so it worked out great. We made sugar cookies and watched a movie. I got to talk to Justin on the phone, which is better than nothing I guess. I am really excited that for the next month neither of us are going to be traveling at all. So that means that I will have him to myself, well when he is not at school work or club. I love him so much and I am grateful that he is my eternal Valentine!! Remember to make sure that the people you love know that you love them everyday of the week, not only with words but with actions as well.

This is Davis in her cute pink and white Valentines outfit. She had such a good day she was happy all day. I was able to get a lot accomplished because of her great mood. I just love her!!!

Danielle and I showing off our beautiful cookies. I didn't have a heart shaped cookie cutter so we just free handed the hearts. I love her too!!!

Cache and Danielle also showing off the cookies. We were very proud as you can tell.

My brother Michael came over on Sunday to hang out. This is only the second time he has seen Davis. Which is sad because he lives 15 min. away from us. We understand though he is very busy with school, work, and getting ready for medical school. I love him too!!!

**In family life,love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together,and the music that brings harmony**

Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Vacation

Davis and I got back yesterday from our extended stay at my parents house in California. It was only supposed to be a weekend, but somehow turned into two weeks. (oops) Justin picked us up from the airport with hugs. kisses and flowers. I missed him so much but I think he missed us more. Our two weeks were filled with family friends, shopping, and tons of attention for Davis. I hope now that we are home she doesn't get bored with just me and Justin giving her attention.I loved seeing my family and the shock from my dad when we surprised him was priceless. Although he was a little slow to understand what was going on. I flew in with Davis two weeks ago Wednesday. We got in that afternoon and hung out at my brothers house until my dad got home from work. When we are in Utah we use skype to talk to my family, so when dad got home I called and asked if we could skype. He not knowing that I was literally ten minutes away agreed. We got on and after a minute I said "you should see how much Davis has grown." That is when I held up my two year old niece Ava. My Dad looked really confused and didn't really get it. Then we lost the Internet connection and had to finish the surprise on the phone. It still took him a minute but when he realized that we were at Ryan and Miriam's he hopped in the car and came right over. It had been his birthday earlier that week so this was is birthday present, meeting his new granddaughter for the first time. It was a great way to kick off Davis' first vacation.

Here we are at the Cheesecake Factory celebrating mine and Davis' return. Going to dinner with a newborn is a little more difficult. This was her first restuarant experience and she did very well.

Justin couldn't even put her down to eat. He was so excited to see her. It took her a minute but she warmed up and gave him some big smiles. He was so worried that she would forget about him, but it is obvious that she didn't. He is amazing if I don't say so myself.

Again he wouldn't put her down he wanted to do everything.

She was great on the plane ride. She loved taking off. I think all the noise when you take off was actually very soothing to her. She slept through most of the flight, and did get a little fussy when we were landing. The flight attendants and everyone were so sweet. I love flying southwest, they might not be the flashiest but they definately have the best customer service especially for families.(trust me taking thirty flights a summer I have experiance with a lot of airlines)

Papa meeting Davis for the first time. As you can see she was just thrilled. On the other hand you can see the happiness on my dad's face. You can tell that his grandkids bring him the greatest happiness. His face glows whenever they are around. Needless to say when he got to Ryan and Miriams he hogged Davis from everybody.

We went to my parents ward on Sunday. I was so nice to see all the people that I grew up with and show them Davis. I think it is very shocking they remember as a bratty teenager and now I have matured a little. Davis did great she was quiet all during sacrament meeting. Then as the we sang the closing song she woke up and opened her eyes but didn't make a peep. It's as if she knew that she was going to be shown off, and wanted everyone to see how pretty she was. She stayed that way for all three hours.(the first time going for all three hours)

My dad is like a kid in a candy store when he is with his grandkids. Davis just loved having him around.

I went over to hang out with Ryan and his family.

Davis is like a little doll. I never played with dolls growing up, so this is a whole new world to me. Everything I put on this girl looks cute. (gotta love the shoes)

One night the Lakers were playing the Celtics and she was in the best mood. She just hung out on my lap and made noises and smiled. Funny little sidenote, as we were watching the game the announcer said something about big baby Davis. Baby Davis is what we call her so I thought this was funny. One of the players on the Celtics they call Big Baby Davis. So little baby Davis was watching Big baby Davis play basketball.

Baby Davis playing with her cousin Seth. He looks huge next to her but he is only 4 months older. He is also the most chilled out kid (as my dad would say).

Grandma with the granddaughters in their tutus. Davis had hers on so Ava went and got hers. They both looked adorable. As you can see Ava is more interested in her tutu than in taking a picture.
All my nieces have big personalities Ava included. She danced around in her tutu demanded that dad (Ryan) play with her.

Seth is the most chilled out kid as I said before. He just lets Grandpa play with him and pester him. He is my brother in baby form. Easy going and happy, it's pretty near to impossible to get my brother worked as well.

Grandma with Davis at Ryan and Miriams.

We give Davis a bath as part of her bedtime routine. Up to this point bath was not her favorite part of the day. On this trip though she found her love for bath time. We got a bath lounger and she loved it. As you can see in the picture she was pretty happy splashing around. It really got her calm and ready for bed.

My friend heather who I played club volleyball and went to church with came over with her son. It was great to catch up with her. Her son Ryan was adorable, a little toddler tornado. He wanted so bad to get his hands on Davis, but we will have to wait a few years. I loved seeing them and thank you heather for driving to see us.

He is all boy.

On one of the more beautiful days when it was 79 degrees my mom and I took Davis to the new Thousand Oaks mall. I had not seen it since the huge renovations. They added a whole new outdoor part and the inside is beautiful. We got Davis some cute clothes at the Gap. They were having a great sale. It is sad to think that all these cute things she has will only fit her for a short time.(here is the blonde hair)

This is one of my faves. Papa and Davis. This is how I used sleep all the time when I was a baby.

On superbowl Sunday Ryan and Miriam brought the kids over to watch the game and have dinner. The game wasn't very exciting until the end so we got a little distracted here and there. (in a previous post about my dad I mentioned something called standers hup. This is what it is you stand up on his hands. apperently when I was a kid I had unusually great balance so I could do this with a spot.) Dinner was great, it got even more exciting when Ava started playing with her food. At the end the game it got exciting and the steelers pulled out the win.

Ryan and Miriam live in a beautiful place where basically their back yard is a bunch of hills with hiking trails through them. On Saturday they let my dad Davis and I tag along on their weekly hike. My dad strapped Davis to him Ryan had a pack for Ava and Miriam carried Seth. Somehow I got off without having to haul a kid on the trail. It was again a gorgeous day about 75 degrees not a cloud in the sky. Stupid I wore a sweatshirt, oh well I burned more calories.

She really was excited about the hike. Ryan was trying to figure what trail we were going to take.

I just like this one.

Ava didn't last long walking. That post in background is the begining of the trail.

Super Papa!! Davis is just chillen.

Seth and Ryan look so alike in this picture. This was when we stopped at the waterfall for a little break.

Ava was hugging Seth. He didn't understand what was going on.

The dude! This is how Seth spent the hike.

This is how Davis spent the hike. She didn't really get a lot out of the hike. It was nice for me though to be outside in the warm sunshine. Since Davis was born we have been stuck inside because of the cold and RSV. So this hike really meant a lot to me.

The whole second half of the hike was up hill so we were tired at the end. We all drank gatorade to relpenish those electrolites. Ava even had a little Ava sized gatorade. (I think that Davis looks so funny, her arms and legs just hanging dowm.)

My mom had a vibrating bouncy chair. Davis loved this chair, even way more than hers at home. The minute you put her this thing she was content. She wasn't even interested in her passy.

My dad the baby whisperer.

I just had to get a picture of her in this outfit. This what she flew in to go to California. It is my favorite with all the rainbows.

This is right after we got to grandma's house.

This one isn't from our trip I just liked and thought it was a cute one.
It was such a great vacation for everyone. Davis got to know her grandparents and we got to spend time outside, going on walks everynight with grandma. I love my family so much but it was different this time I didn't feel like my parents house was my home anymore. Every other time I have gone to visit I have felt like I was home. This time though I felt like a visitor and when Justin picked us up I felt like I was home. I now have my own family and home to take care of. It seems this is how it should be.
**A special thank you to my mom for all the help while I was home. She is the best, always willing to do and give whatever she can for others. She serves her family with perfect love, and is the best example of selflessness. I don't always treat her the way I should, I take for granted how amazing she is. But I want you to know mom that I love you so much and hope that I can be as great to my family as you have been to us.**