Sunday, November 15, 2009

Something New

I love watching all the shows about cake decorating and dream about doing what they do. I know I will probably never be that good but I really do enjoy cooking. There is something so therapeutic about baking from scratch.
So for Davis' Birthday we are doing a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party. I really want her to have a great cake. After pricing out what it would cost to have a great cake I decided I would roll up my sleeves and try my hand at real cake decorating. I have been doing more and more and trying new things but I will going way outside myself by using fondant and different techniques for her cake. So I figured I had a month to practice as much as I could so that I get it right when her birthday comes.
I started today with just a single layer rainbow cake, marble fondant with a bow and dots. Before putting the bow and dots on I tried a technique I saw on the cake boss. He used steam to make it shiny and sticky so it was easy to put things on. So just used the steam setting on our iron and it worked great. I found great recipes for everything and I feel like it turned out okay. My next step is doing a layered cake.

Very First Fondant covered cake, and the finished product.

Inside of cake MMM. That was the best buttercream frosting I have ever had.

This is what I am hoping to make Davis. Hers wont be this tall but I am doing a three layer red velvet cake with chocolate fudge filling. I have a pretty good game plan of how I am going to pull off the fondant and decorating. I am relying on Justin and his artistic ability to draw my Minnie mouse template. I am confidant that in a month I will be able to do this. (at least that is what I am telling myself.) I am excited to see what I can learn and maybe add a new hobby or talent to my repertoire.


I have a lot of random pictures that I forgot I had. Most of these were taken between Oct and now.

You will see a theme in some of these as you go. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It is the only show we watch in the morning while I get breakfast ready. She gets so excited when she sees anything Mickey. And don't try to hold her down when the hot dog song comes on or you will get a fit. She dances and laughs during the whole song. So I have decided that this will be the theme of her first birthday. (awww she is going to be one... someone make time stop)
Walking in her cute piggy PJs

Waving bye bye as she carries away her Mickey Mouse box.

Again the theme. They had a sale at the Disney store and she would not let these go. She had such a tight grip that when we got to the checkout the lady grabbed two more so she wouldn't have to take them from Davis.

Her favorite thing is to eat like we do.

This was our last summer bike ride and Davis loved it.

Calm and serene. She is the best!!

She loves to push her pets around in her pram.

More walking...

And More walking...

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween is so much better with a little baby. Davis was such a goo sport and let me torture her with a big costume and tons of traditions. I found her costume at target ad decided that it just was to regular for our little girl. So we added a sparkly collar, bows on the ears and tail, bracelet around her wrist, and earrings of course. Every puppy needs earrings. I had to work on Friday so Justin took her to our ward trunk or treat. he said it was good but the ground was wet so he just carried her and gt candy.
Saturday We went up to our friends house to trick or treat. I was so excited when their door started ringing and I knew it was close to Davis' first Halloween. We put her in her costume again and she actually did really well and just walked around. I took her to the doors and Justin held the video camera. The first couple doors I just held her so we didn't freak her out right away. She did great and Everyone was so sweet. After the first couple I put her down and she stood there all by herself (I was there with her of course). When the door would open they put the candy bowl down so she could grab her own. Then she would take a couple steps and get her candy. I was shocked she was good she stood there and only grabbed one candy.
I let her hold onto a snickers bar while we were walking. She was just chewing on it and I didn't think that she would be able to break open the wrapper. We had just walked in the door when I realized that she was really sucking the candy. I took it out of her mouth and sure enough there was a hole in the wrapper. To my dismay this was her first experience with candy. It was small but she still had a pretty funny reaction to it. It was about an hour and a half later and the chocolate caused a little bit of a poo-explosion. It has been so long since she has blown out a diaper that it took my totally off guard. I didn't have an extra change of cloths for her to wear. We stripped her down and got her in the bath tub. Every also had a great time laughing at me as I gagged. After her impromptu bath Nicole was sweet and let us use a shirt of hers that we tied in the back so it would stay on. She actually looked really cute walking around in this dress of a shirt. She was also wired for the next little while. When we finally got home she crashed so hard, all I had to do was walk in her dark room and she was out.
It was a great first Halloween. I love my family!

After the chocolate kicked in she was walking around waving her arms and making noise.

Mimicking dad and the sounds he was making. This is her favorite game.

Every so often she gives me this face when I am taking her picture. I think I might be talking to many if she already hates having her picture taken.

Again after the candy kicked in. She was pushing the empty candy bowl around for a while.

Before the chocolate. She was almost out while sitting with me. She was holding the heart on her costume like that the whole time. SO adorable.

Mommy and Puppy.

First Halloween family pic. You can see the bows on the ears really well in this picture. She was such a trooper all night.

Little Eskimo hat. I am actually excited for winter because she has the cutest winter clothes to wear. Thanks you grandma Kristine for all sweet duds.

Before the trunk or treat

This is just a cute picture of her waking up from her nap. She asleep hugging her stuffed animal. She loves to cuddle with her animals and hold them so tight. It melts my heart every time I see her do it.