Friday, October 30, 2009

1st Halloween

This is just a little taste of what Halloween will look like tomorrow.

Our little Beverly Hills St. Bernard

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In August we had a stake BBQ. We went and were having a lovely time socializing with friends and eating good food. Davis is usually a dream during things like this because she loves watch people. So when she just out of blue started to freak out and throw a fit I knew something was wrong. A few seconds before I had noticed a wasp flying around so I moved and it went away. Well apparently it didn't go very far because when we were checking to see what was wrong Justin noticed her finger was red a swelling. Sure enough right there in the middle of her index finger was a tiny little prick we she got stung. Not having dwelt with this before we took her right over to the doctor where they checked her and said she was fine. They did tell us that the first sting is not what you have to worry about it actually the second. The doctor also prescribed her some benedryl and Motrin. She didn't really need it but it is nice to have on hand. Poor thing Was crying hard when it happened but was actually pretty happy and normal shortly after. She is a tough cookie.

She sat with Justin at the doctor's office. You can see the swollen index finger.
She was not happy when her toy fell on the floor and we couldn't give back to her.

There is swollen finger. The skin was so red and tight. Poor thing was such a trooper.

Adopt a Kiwi

We love our Kiwi and miss him already. Daniel was here living with us again this summer while he worked for gold medal squared. It was again so great to have him here. It is like being reunited with a family member you haven't seen in a really long time every time he comes back. Over the past four years of us knowing him he has truly become a part of our family and someone both Justin and I greatly admire. You won't find a more loyal, genuinely kind person. He is a person who truly strives to do what is right and is a great example to all that know him. Justin and I are grateful for him and the great decisions he has made and continues to make. Although we are sad to have him far away again we know that it won't be forever.

Davis chillin' with uncle Daniel. Their relationship was a little shacky at first but it did not take long for her to love her adopted uncle. (He even changed one poopy nappy :) )

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Davis and kandis
Davis asleep with Grandma

She fell asleep before church while sitting with Grandma Debby.

Poor Ruby wanted more Oreos. Judging by the face I think she had enough. Look at those eyes.

Car seat buddies. And yes that is Merricks toy in her mouth.

Flying with Dad. This is right before she fell asleep. Oh it was so nice to
have Justin there. He was such a great helper.

Look out the window before we take off.

I am actually relaxed here instead of being a discombobulated mess. Again thanks to my husband the awesome man.

In Sept. we went as a family to Arizona. Justin's grandpa Hutchins past away after a long full and happy life. He was a great man who's family loved a lot. So it was sad but also happy to see so many family members that we don't see that often. It was the first time since Davis was born that I was going to fly with Justin. Wow it was so much better having another person to help carry all the stuff you have to bring for a baby. I loved traveling with him the whole experience was so much better. She loved looking out the window this time and got so excited when we started to pull away from the gate. And again when we got in the air she fell asleep and slept most of the flight. When Justin's mom picked us up from the airport she had Merrick with her. So Davis got to see her cousin right away and steal his toys right out of his hands. I was so adorable seeing both of them together again in their car seats. While driving home they also exchanged melt downs. Davis would cry which make Merrick cry, which would make Davis cry harder. This game went on for a good 5 miles. The first stop made was... not home... of course In-n-Out burger. Justin's request of course. Justin's cousin Adam and his wife Kandis and their two kids are living with Justin's mom and dad until they close on a house. So it was a full house when we showed with two more kids. Davis jumped right in playing with Lincoln's toys and following Merrick around. She kinda kept up with him but he was a fast crawler. Since the house was so full we actually stayed at Sharisa's house in her parents fifth wheel. Which was more like a motor home. It was probably bigger than our first apartment. It was so nice of them to let to us stay there where it was quiet and Davis could sleep in. I am still amazed at how great of a sleeper Davis is. We go anywhere and she sleeps fine. Even if we throw off her schedule she still sleeps great. She is such a blessing and wonderful baby. She was happy and content to whole vacation being toted around and handled by a ton of different people. She stayed happy on the two hour drive to Prescott and slept great at the hotel. We couldn't have asked for a better temperment in a child.

The next day we drove to Prescott for the funeral. It was a beautiful thoughtful service. They had great collage of pictures from Grandpa's life. It is amazing how much the boys look like the Hutchins side. They also had bowls of peanut M&Ms because that was his favorite candy. Aunt and Julie and Grammy did a great job representing Grandpa. The hotel we stayed at in Prescott was really cool. Davis got to see her cousins Ella and Ruby for the first time. They are the cutest girls and Ruby is a little shadow to Ella. It was also great to see Erica and Richard. They stayed in the room next to us and we could hear the girls at like 4am. The time change from New York was not good.

We drove back to Gilbert that day and had two more days of hanging with the fam. Davis again had a blast being around all the kids and following them around. It was fun getting to know Adam and Kandis better. Kandis is so talented, while we were there she made two adorable dresses for her daughter. They both turned out so cute. We of course watched the BYU v Oklahoma game where BYU started the season with the biggest upset in college football this year. Go Cougs!!!

I am glad that Davis got to spend with her grandma and grandpa Hutchins. She had a great playing with them and Uncle Ty. He is a great uncle and sure knows how keep kids entertained. We are just so glad that we have such a great family who loves us so much and loves our daughter too. I wish we could see them all the time, but for now these quick trips will have to do.

It was a great vacation full of family and great memories of a wonderful man. Bumpa will be greatly missed but we know he is hard at work already.

Monday, October 12, 2009

quick little emphasis on little.

This is going to be a fast update with more to come. We have been up to a lot this last little bit. We had a death, a baptism, a farewell, and new firsts. Just a little snip it though Yesterday Davis took her first real steps. She walked While we were talking my mom and dad so they got to see. She is 9 1/2 months old, and growing up so fast. Well that is it for now there will be pictures and details to follow.