Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Reunited and it feels so good

It has been over a year and what a year it has been. First off last july we moved to San luis Obispo. For those who don't know where it is, it is in central california. It was also featured on Oprah for being the happiest place to live on earth! (I agree) Justin accepted a Job at Cal Poly SLO coaching for the Woman's Volleyball team. I am also coaching and enjoying being at home with Davis.
She is now two and a half and wow has time gone fast. She is smart and beautiful and I love spending so much time with her. She says the funniest things and does even funnier stuff. That is a big reason why I feel I need to start blogging again because I feel like I am not documenting all the stuff I need to. I don't want to ever forget these times. Here are a few things
-She turned two Dec 23 2010
-We got rid of the pacifier, and bottle on her second birthday.
- January 2011 she started potty training!
- Seven days later she was potty trained
-She loves the beach and Chumash Park (every park is Chumash Park)
- She speaks in full sentences (ALL day long)
-She loves stuffed animals
-She is great eater
-She is a daddy's girl. When Justin gets home I am chopped liver.
-She has the biggest heart and loves to see others happy.
-She instigates family hugs. She hugs me then calls for daddy and screams "family hugs I love you!!" it melts my heart every time. (even at inconvenient times)
-She is my helper with everything. She puts her dishes in the washer and cleans her own room.
- She Loves Loves Loves being naked
-She is super obedient. I am so blessed with this one. When I ask her to do something she listens and does it right away. Sometimes I ask her to do things just to test her and she always does it. (well most of the time)
-While she obedient we still utilize the time out step from time to time
-My favorite word she uses right now is Delicious! She says almost every time she eats something.
-She is strong willed and independent.
-She understands to much for her own good
-She loves loves loves Nursery. When the closing song starts she is already jumping up and down saying "I love nursery"

All in all she is the greatest thing we could have asked for. We thank Heavenly Father for letting us have her.
So here are pictures not any order really from the last year. I am going to try and do catch up little by little but here are a few cutes ones to look at. That is what people want to see anyway.

Davis with our friends dog Miley-foof, or Miley-doo, or Foofie-doo, or foof
Sleeping at a volleyball tourney that my team was playing at.
One of the girls on my team has a special needs sister named leah. Davis and Leah became the best of friends. I loved watching her play and show so much compassion. They were best friends!
Just a hiking day
She climbs!!
We do a lot of driving and this what happens when we don't pay attention for a few miles.
Easter with the cousins at Gaga and Papa's house
Coloring her first egg!
We are working on the smile but I love it!
Ward bonfire at the beach. We have the best ward.
Easter egg hunt with the play group
Izzy and Davis
Just Plain Cute

Long night of praying hard.
Me and my girlie
She loves to wear my shoes
High heels especially
Potty training
Weekend in Solvang

Best breakfast
Grandpa and Grandma Gayle
I decorated her room after she want to bed so she woke to this.
Pancake breakfast on her birthday

Love that face
Her favorite person in the world (after me and Justin of course) her cousin Ava
Me and Danielle at her Bridal shower
crazy kid

for Valentines Day Justin took me horse back riding on the beach. It is something I have always wanted to do. It was awesome!! He is so wonderful!
Emptied out all her clothes then climbed in

After we went horse back riding we picked up Davis and went back. They let her ride around and feed the horses. She was in heaven. That was such a great day!
Living where we live we do a lot of this. Me and a friend coming in from paddle boarding. If you look closely you can see little black dots in the water behind us. Those are sea lions that followed us all around. They were like our little puppies that day.
We love our life!