Friday, August 19, 2011

Big girl stuff

We had another big day in our house... We got Davis her first real big girl bed. Before she was in her converted toddler bed from her crib. We found a beautiful four poster bed at a garage sale. It is an amazing captains bed with drawers underneath. We got the bed and the drawers for a steal of a deal at $25. It was a bitter sweet day, I absolutely loved putting everything together but cried because she is definitely not a baby anymore.

This is the pillow that she picked out for her bed. A huge cupcake. And yes we had to where fairy wings everywhere we went that morning. I said okay because WHY NOT when you are 2 and totally adorable.
I still cant believe that we got such a good deal.
Big girl room!!!
On another note this is what My wonderful husband got me for our 6th anniversary. Isn't he good?! I love him so much (and not just because he gives great gifts.)

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Jenny Ricks said...

LOVE the bed, cupcake pillow and the watch! :) Way to go Davis!